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Let’s be sociable

February 12, 2013

An awesome picture that doesn’t have much to do with anything–

Dahlquist sisters

Except that I got it from some distant cousins on facebook.  None of us can identify the women in the picture, but due to some pencilled in writing on the front and back, we’re pretty sure we’re related to at least a few of them in some way.

So I finally decided to get up to date and joined facebook a while back and some cool things have come of it (like this great picture.)  And it has been fun to connect and reconnect with various people, even though I rarely post anything myself.

I think most people that read my blog regularly are already my facebook friends (if you’re not but would like to be, leave me a comment) but I’ve just added a facebook page for the blog.  I guess that’s the point to this post. The like button is somewhere over there in my sidebar (wordpress was doing wacky things with my widgets) or go directly to facebook and like the page there if you’d prefer to keep up with new posts that way.  It feels like fewer people are blogging these days.  Facebook seems to be more popular.

Although somebody at Rootstech last year said there will eventually be something bigger and better than facebook.  What will be the “next facebook”?  Who knows.

Speaking of Rootstech, is anybody else going next month?  I finally registered.  I figure it will be a nice distraction from all of our moving stress if nothing else.

While we’re getting sociable, I’m on pinterest now too.  Apparently my homeschool–history board is quite popular.  I see how people could get lost for hours on pinterest looking at everyone else’s good ideas.  Luckily I have avoided that temptation.  I just use it as a visual bulletin board to keep track of all the fun stuff I find elsewhere.  I do much better looking at pictures than a list of links when trying to find things again.  Anyway, if you’re into that, find me here.

Now it’s time to quit being sociable and get back to packing.

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  1. February 12, 2013 10:22 am

    I hardly ever write anything on Facebook but do check it once a day. I keep thinking about pinterest but just haven’t ventured there yet. I am always so far behind.

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