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February 20, 2013

In words rather than pictures because I can’t find the camera.  I know it’s here somewhere, just not sure under what layer.

  • The easy stuff is packed and out of here.  I should have taken a picture of all those boxes.  So where did the rest of this clutter come from and what do I do with it?
  • We own a lot of books.  A lot.
  • It feels strange to see bare walls in the music/school/office/dining room.  I kind of like it.
  • Last week was not fun.  The story of my life is that DH will say, “OK, we’re going to spend the week packing and cleaning.”  Then he ends up working a lot of extra hours at his day job, and picks up 3 extra shifts of his other job filling in for people, and it’s Valentine’s Day, and it’s his birthday that same week.  Needless to say, we did not accomplish nearly what we needed or wanted to, but I sure did a lot on my own.  Thank goodness Monday was a holiday and my aunt came over to help us pack and clean.  DH and the boys moved about 40 boxes and some bookcases to our storage unit while we worked.
  • I now own about 10 different colors of duck tape to label boxes with.  I just hope I got the right color on all the right boxes.  Is it wishful thinking that boxes of baby stuff got assigned the color pink?
  • It’s hard to sort things when the boys are saying, “Hey, that was my favorite fleece! You can’t give that to the DI.”  Never mind that it’s a size 5 and he is now 8.
  • Same with the toys–“That is my treasured _______(Fill in the blank), you can’t give that away!”  Why yes, yes I can.  After you go to bed.
  • “Mom!  Come see what E did!”   “Well hi, little goldfish, you’re probably wondering why your bowl is filled with Kleenex.”
  • Also, the toilet is filled with half a roll of toilet paper.
  • When it’s not, E is putting in one square at a time and then flushing.  I think E needs to find a friend to go visit for a few days so our accomplishments won’t be negated by all the new messes he dreams up.
  • D is sick.  He vaguely mentioned his tummy didn’t feel so great before church on Sunday, but then was fine and went to church with us.  After church, he looked like he was about to cry and I asked him if E had hit him (a new favorite activity) and he just broke down crying, saying that his head hurt and he was so tired.  He was hot so I sent him to bed, and he’s slept most of the days since.  And today he’s coughing. . . just when I was thinking that we were all finally over whatever was ailing us in January.
  • Since he was ill, I dropped A and C off at history club this afternoon.  I was ready to bag it completely, but we’re in sore need of something other than packing and cleaning around here.  If they also read scriptures and practiced piano, does that count as a school day?
  • E whined most of the afternoon because he did not get to go to history club and “pway.”  Believe me, I want to go somewhere and pway too.
  • If we’re going to put our house on the market, I should probably dig out the camera and take outside pictures after it snows again this week while the yard is infinitely more photogenic.
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