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Like a day at the beach and better than Christmas

February 24, 2013


The Assembly Hall (photo not from today)

Well, I found my camera, but now I can’t find my Sunday shoes.  The camera was in my cello bag, although the memory card was at home on the dining room table, so a lot of good it would have done me as the internal memory on the camera only holds about six photos.  And the shoes, well, I’m hoping they didn’t somehow make it into one of the multitudinous boxes we’ve been filling up for the DI, because I really love those particular shoes, and wear them practically every Sunday.  And because I’ve given away almost all of my other dress shoes that I never wear.  (I’ve been ruthless in cleaning out my closet this week.)

But since we had Stake Conference today in the Assembly Hall on Temple Square, and because it snowed overnight, I wore my snow boots to church.  It was quite an emotional church meeting as we got a new Stake Presidency, and because it will most likely be our last Stake conference in the Assembly Hall.  It was quite a pleasant surprise, when we moved here, to find out that we would get to meet in such a historic building twice a year, and I will really miss that once we move.

If we ever make it out of this house . . .

Friday was quite productive in the packing department–DH had physical therapy in the morning for his shoulder which he sprained a few weeks ago when he fell on the ice at work.  It’s not healing properly so he also had to get a cortisone shot, but then he was home the entire rest of the day to help me pack.  The entire house is a disaster area though, as we’ve been emptying cupboards and closets right and left and boxes are once again piling up everywhere.  My word, what a job it is to pack up 11 years of your life.

The boys were put in charge of washing toys that have been in the basement.  It was better than Christmas for E, as every 10 minutes one of his brothers would give him something new and clean to play with.  He played hard and didn’t get in our way or make any messes elsewhere the entire day.  It was such a blessing.  Of course now he wants the big noisy Tonka trucks that, truth be told, live in the basement for a reason.  Today we finally had to say, “Sorry, they don’t do construction work on Sunday!”  DH thinks maybe between here and the storage shed, they can “accidentally” end up with the DI delivery.  E has learned a new word though–Backhoe.

This week we sorted through all the random game and puzzle pieces, putting everything back with its set.  Somedays I rue the fact that we love board games and puzzles so much that I can’t just chuck them all out.  Or rather I rue the fact that 3-year-olds are terrible at putting things back together again, but are so good (and so quick) at pulling them out and scattering them everywhere when we’re not looking.  We saved a very few games to play in case we feel the need before we move, but they’re now on the highest shelf so E can’t possibly reach them.  We also sorted boxes and boxes of clothing, and just when I think we’ve got it all packed away, more appears.  It comes through the laundry, or just magically shows up someplace.  I think I will end up with a random box of size 0-7 little boy clothes by the end of it.

Every day as I look at things, I have to run through the “that can stay, that can be stored, that can stay, that can stay, but that can be stored” routine.  I think it would be so much easier if we were just moving out completely and could box up everything and not trying to live here with as little as possible for who knows how long.  (Please somebody want to buy my house, please, please, please . . . )

So we’ve all worked hard, so much so, that the other day C said, “After this, doing Latin will be like a day at the beach!”  Apparently they’re looking forward to the days when we can get back to school and school only again.  I know I can hardly wait for those days!

We are going to try doing a bit more schoolwork again this coming week.  I’ve run out of easy packing projects that the boys can help me with and I feel like they’re spending a little too much time playing with toys, and bad attitudes are creeping in as they always seem to when there’s too much playtime and lack of routine.  We thrive on structure and we haven’t had much around here lately.  And history club is in a week and we need to at least have studied something for that.  So bare bones history (I’m not up for making any new projects), scriptures, piano, grammar, reading, and maybe some writing and math if I can find something that’s not too Mom intensive.  And maybe if we’re feeling beachy, a little Latin!


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