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March 6, 2013

I didn’t want to write another grumpy post about moving woes, but I see that I really haven’t posted much lately.  I’ve sure had my grumpy moments, but apparently the blog was spared!  Let’s just say that it’s been over 3 weeks now since we’ve started hauling stuff into storage and we’re still not done!  And DH said he’d like to be finished by this weekend.  And I said that would be fine as long as his week didn’t turn into a 70+ hour workweek like the previous two have been, because I’d love to have more of his help.

We’ve done a lot, but there is still so much more to do!  And DH’s sprained shoulder (from falling on the ice a month ago at work at 4 a.m.) still is not healing well.  Well, of course not!  He’s been spending the last three weekends moving boxes!  And you expected???   Such fabulous timing we’ve got going on here.

Last Wednesday we hit the burned out stage.  We were so sick of packing.  I did not even want to see another moving box, let alone pack more somethings into it.  And E was missing me and wanted to be cuddled, so I picked him up and he fell asleep on my lap so I continued to hold him . . . until I remembered the 8 cans of refried beans I had to heat up for the scout Blue and Gold banquet an hour later.  Can I just say that despite all of the fabulous cakes I’ve seen posted on blogs and facebook the past few weeks made by little cub scouts, I am SO glad our stake doesn’t do that.  They’ve never done that.  With three kids either previously or currently in cub scouts, I’ve never had to supervise cake baking with them for the Blue and Gold banquet.  This year I am especially thankful for that!!

Not to say they don’t bake.  A dirtied most of the baking supplies still here and not in storage by making a triple batch of chocolate chip cookies on Sunday, and I spent the afternoon and evening with FamilySearch and reading conference talks with the family.  It was like one of our old regular Sundays when we weren’t worried about packing and moving, and that our next favorite house just got sold.  Again.

It was good to get back to some school work last week.  We spent the mornings doing school together and then after lunch and dog walking (which we tried really hard to have completed by 1 p.m.) I got back to packing and sorting and the boys finished up what they could do independently.  It was a nice break (even reading about the Black Death) and made it easier to get back to work on the house.

Somewhere in there I suddenly realized I have a concert in less than two weeks.  Curse Tschaikovsky for all of those 32nd notes!  I cannot play them!  I need to put in massive amounts of practice time before the 16th, which really doesn’t fit into my life at the moment, but I am committed so I’ll have to work it in somehow.  Doing laundry and making 3 meals a day doesn’t really fit into my packing plan either, but seeing how six people all still live here, I’m trying to make that work too.  Sigh. . .

How’s your week looking?

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