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March 20, 2013

Now this is a good-looking kid!

Making student id cards was on my to-do list today.  Technically it’s been on my to-do list for a very long time, but I’ve noticed that we rarely need student id cards, so it hasn’t been a priority until today.  It was a priority for today because A was supposed to have a valid student id to register for Rootstech.  Yes, I’m taking my 12-year-old to Rootstech.  He wants to learn how to do genealogy and was practically begging me to take him along.  Since when does a 12-year-old BOY beg to go to a genealogy conference???

So he’s going.  We’re calling it a homeschool extended learning experience or some such.  We’ll see how it goes.

The guy at the registration booth tonight told me that he hadn’t seen the “STU(dent)” code (for a massive discount) yet today, and wanted to know if A went to the University of Utah or something.  I had to say, no, this is A standing right next to me.  He’s homeschooled.  He’s 12.  (Kind of like 12 going on 30 I didn’t say.)  The guy didn’t quite know what to make of that, but did mention his oldest son just turned 12.  Somehow I don’t think he’ll be coming to Rootstech.

And then A never even had to show his id.

So we’ve been sitting here trying to decide on which classes to go to.  Why is it some hours there is nothing I really want to go to and other hours there are 5 classes I wish I could sit in on?  At least we get to rule out all the classes being streamed online as we can always watch those later.  There is a heavy emphasis on beginners this year, so I think A will learn a lot.  There will also be some youth-oriented classes on Saturday and a devotional with Sister Dalton, as well as a chance to work on the genealogy merit badge in the expo hall.  I also signed him up for a couple of hands-on workshops.  It should be good.  Overwhelming in a trying to get a drink from a fire hose kind of way, but good.

I read the most fabulous article last week: A day in the life of an introverted homeschool mom.  I loved this line, “But then I remembered: I’m an introvert! And there are people here all the time! No wonder I feel overwhelmed!”  Yes, I am an introvert too and being around people all day every day drains me.  Even when they’re my own people and I love them.  I just get worn out by it sometimes.  I loved some of her coping strategies and am trying to figure out what will help me gear up for spending a lot of the next 72 hours being surrounded by other people.

Yesterday was also a day spent surrounded by people.  I babysat three other little boys for three hours (we had seven boys in this house! and we survived!) and then DH and I began taking a Dave Ramsay financial peace class through his work, and then we ran errands and by the end of the day I had just had it.  And a certain toddler just would not stay in bed. I was on the grumpy side by the end of the night.  Tonight, however, I’m fine.  It is silent, and therefore I am blogging!

We’re kind of on spring break again this week.  I was hoping to have my entire kitchen decluttered and scrubbed clean by tonight, but no such luck.  I made good progress on cleaning out the entire pantry though.  Now I need help moving the fridge out so I can get to the layers of dust and filth behind it.  Whose idea was it anyway to back it up across a corner?  There are so many almost-but-not-quite-empty bags of cereal back there that have fallen off the back of the fridge, but I can’t budge the fridge even an inch.

And DH cannot help me.

He didn’t just sprain his shoulder, he tore the muscle in it.  Finally after 6 weeks of not getting better, they sent him for an MRI which showed a 14mm gap between his muscle and tendon across the top of his shoulder.  So he’s facing surgery, and I gather it’s not a very simple procedure.  I guess a lot of people that get an injury like this don’t fix it and just live with a limited range of mobility, but that absolutely is not an option for DH and his line of work.  And since it was a work injury, they’re paying for it.  Now we’re just waiting to hear from the surgeon about a date.

So he’s on light duty for now, and for the 4-6 months expected recovery period after surgery.  Which, on the plus side, means no more second job so we’ll see him a lot more.  A whole lot more!  But it also means no income from that second job so we’re very thankful for Dave Ramsey and the chance to work on a new budget this week and see where we stand financially and how we will work things out for the next few months.  What does it mean for selling this house and moving?  Who knows.  I do see an end in sight for the packing.  And I don’t feel stressed about it, so that is a definite blessing right now.  I’ll take it!

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