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Easter 2013

April 5, 2013


Guess which child is whining because I made him tuck his shirt back in, he’s hungry, his feet hurt, and why do we have to take a picture out here anyway?!

Other than that, it was a good day. . . with no colored eggs because all of the mugs are in storage and we had nothing to dye eggs in.  But, as I explained to C, we’re just going to make them into deviled eggs now anyway, so who cares what color they would have been yesterday?  And he was ok with that.

A and I played “Beautiful Savior” in sacrament meeting.  I love it when I get a phone call the day before saying, “Sister S!  No pressure or anything . . . . . .”  Yes, I know, you need a musical number.  It’s not the first time I’ve been asked the day before.  Originally it was supposed to be fast and testimony meeting, but a week or so ago, our ward decided to have an Easter program instead.  The ward music chairman told me she wouldn’t have dreamed of asking anyone to pull together a musical number with only a week’s notice, but apparently one of the bishop’s counselors felt he could give me one day’s notice and it would be fine!  And actually it was fine, I always love to play and can pull something together in a hurry.  It’s just finding an accompanist that makes it difficult.

Saturday was not terribly crazy, but we were going to be in and out all day long and I didn’t want to try to coordinate practicing with someone else, so I was flipping through the Primary songbook trying to find something appropriate that I knew A could play.  “Beautiful Savior,” he can play “Beautiful Savior!”  I asked him if he could play it and he gave me this look like,”Duh, Mom, of course I can play it.”  I knew that but then asked if he wanted to play it with me in church and he said sure he would.  Nothing phases him.

It turned out really well, and he even carried my cello to the church for me.  I played the melody, then the duet part, then the descant on the third verse so it wouldn’t just be the melody three times in a row doubled in the piano part.  I should probably have him learn a few of my other hymn arrangements so we can play together again sometime.  It’s nice to have a built-in accompanist.  And it was really awesome to be accompanied by my son!


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  1. Tamaran permalink
    April 5, 2013 2:17 pm

    And it was beautiful and I actually liked it more because A was the accompanist rather than someone else. I did chuckle when I just read that you were asked the day before. It really was beautiful and a fitting song for Easter Sunday. Remember when we had our RS additional meeting in February and they did 2 truths and a lie (I think you got there when we were still doing that)? Well KB said that she played the cello and we were so excited…then it turned out to be her lie. We will sure miss your talent when you guys move. And I’m sure the priesthood will miss having their new pianist too. Jon was very excited when they called A.

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