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El Salon Mexico

April 7, 2013

A week ago Saturday, we went to the Utah Symphony children’s concert with the boys.  It was wonderful!  (Thanks to Grandma and Poppa for giving us tickets every year!)  This year’s concert focused on music of the Americas.  We heard a little Bernstein, some Sarasate, Piazzolla’s Spring from Four Seasons of Buenos Aires, and one of my favorite pieces from my own orchestra, Danzon No. 2 by Arturo Marquez, a Mexican composer.  We also heard two pieces I’ve never encountered: “Batuque” by Oscar Lorenzo Fernandez and La Noche de los Mayas by Silvestre Revueltas from the 1939 Mexican film “Night of the Mayas.”

Although the Christmas concert is generally very predictable, every year the symphony does something completely different for their spring children’s concert.  And I love that it’s never dumbed down music for kids.  This was a challenging program, both to play and to listen to.  By that I don’t mean it was difficult to listen to, but most of the music was unfamiliar and we heard some very different sounds than we’ve ever heard before.  And my boys have been to a lot of concerts!

For the finale, Copland’s El Salon Mexico was performed live as the animated short film of the same name was shown on the big screen above the orchestra.  It was so imaginative and fun!  (Think Fantasia.) I thought the story fit the music so well.  Here’s a preview:

And that was what finally got E to sit still!  We don’t do the Easter Bunny around here, but the boys have learned that on the Saturday before Easter, chocolate bunnies generally show up.  This year DH bought the boys Dove dark chocolate solid bunnies and left them out for the boys to find Saturday morning.  By the time we left for the concert, E had consumed a good portion of his.  So we sat through the concert with a very sugared up 3-year-old.  Oops. . . Maybe we should have rethought that one.  He was relatively quiet considering; he just kept bouncing between DH on one end of the row and A at the other.  The film held his attention though until we could escape the hall for the promised train ride.

I can’t even remember the last time we paid to ride TRAX.  We only ever ride it in the downtown free-fare zone.  So it was that day.  We got on at Abravanel Hall and DH met us with the car at the courthouse station.  And that will tide E over until the next time we drive by a TRAX line and he says, “Ride hain, ride hain, ride hain,” over and over again until we pull in our driveway and he finally figures out we’re not going to ride the “hain.”

We tried to get our usual picture in front of the Chihuly sculpture in the lobby of Abravanel Hall.  (Which still needs to be dusted, by the way.)


Oops, too much sunlight.  How’s this?

I’m not having good luck getting a decent picture of these four boys lately, but we’ll take it.
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  1. April 8, 2013 2:34 am

    That looks like fun! Well, except for the sugared up 3yo at a concert. You’re a braver girl than me. I haven’t been taking my little guy to concerts. Good for you!

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