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Recital Time

April 11, 2013


A and C played in their first piano recital last Saturday.  I think it’s probably the first time Poppa has ever had anyone play a Star Wars duet on one of his student recitals.

2013-04-06 17.03.09

C also played “Moths,” a scherzino from his John Thompson book (and we’re so glad he’ll get something new to practice from now on!)   He played really well though.  He’s been working on the memorization for months.


A also played well on his two solo pieces: “On Wings of Songs” by Mendelssohn and Debussy’s “Reverie.”  He probably would have played even better if E had not escaped us and gone running about the room in the middle of the Debussy.  I wanted to catch him sooner but  feared that might mess up A more.  Luckily A is used to practicing through all kinds of chaos at home and made it through.


They both looked handsome . . . in their new clothes we had to buy at Walmart after leaving theirs 60 miles away at home.


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