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A real look into a long week

April 29, 2013

(As a testament to how crazy this past week has been, I’ve been trying to write this post since Tuesday.)

Monday morning’s conversation:

Me: Wow, I feel great; it’s so great to sleep through the night.  Except I remember looking at my clock at 2:30 a.m. . . wait, did you wake up at all last night?
DH: Yes.
. . . long pause . . .
Me:  At 2:30?
DH: Yep!
Me: Did you call me?
DH: Yes.
Me: Did I get up and just not remember?
DH: Nope.
Me: Oh. . . I’m so sorry! (repeated about 15 times)

DH laughed and said it was ok.  He took pity on me knowing how little sleep I’d had over the past few nights and let me sleep.  And being the enterprising guy that he is, figured out how to unvelcro and unzip the ice water wrap on his shoulder and get it off all by himself.  Then C was up when DH woke up in the morning and helped him.  Man, that extra sleep was appreciated!

DH also decided that the 30 minutes on, 30 minutes off ice water routine wasn’t terribly conducive to him sleeping through the night either, and as of Tuesday, we’re past the acute care stage and he doesn’t need to be hooked up to ice so regularly, so yay for that!  He had the first follow-up with his surgeon Tuesday morning and got his stitches out.  Yay for being able to take showers again!  (He really needed one!)  Although the effort needed to get up, shower, shave, and dress himself usually makes him want to go back to bed in his recliner once he’s done!  He has two more weeks off work, then we’ll see what kind of energy it takes to leave the house every day!

The physical therapist in Park City has had me doing very small exercises with his arm, but the surgeon took DH’s arm and showed me just how much movement he really is capable of at this point, nevermind the contorted look of pain on his face!  So we’ve been able to push his exercises a little more which is good for his muscle development.  There’s still a good 4-6 months total recovery ahead of us, but Dr. M did say that despite the time lapse, there wasn’t too much damage inside DH’s shoulder.  He was able to reattach the muscle to the bone with no problems and DH should have a full recovery.

After his doctor’s appointment, I came home and helped A with his project for history club.  Then we drove to history club, then I drove back home for the food I forgot to take with me the first time.  After history club, I did a quick prep for dinner so the kids could bake it while I went to our 2-hour Dave Ramsey class.  Somewhere in there, I realized I was supposed to start back to symphony rehearsals that night.  A had scouts though, and looking at DH who still can’t open the Percocet bottle by himself and needed exercises done and ice refilled, I didn’t think the 9-year-old was the best person to leave in charge.  So I got myself excused from rehearsal and just went up to the university after dinner to pick up my music folder.  (Which I have not even had a chance to open.)

I think it was a very inspired decision to not play the April concert, which would have been last weekend, only two days past DH’s surgery.  I was originally going to take the month off to try to get our house cleaned out and listed and hopefully sold.  Instead we had surgery to get through.  I am so grateful that I didn’t have Bartok to worry about on top of it all.  Now we just have a few rehearsals of Verdi with the Utah Voices choir for a concert on May 18 before we’re done for this season.

Wednesday was the day of failed errands.  DH decided he needed to get some fresh air so came with us dog-walking.  Then since we were already out he suggested we go buy A some much needed clothing and hiking boots for his scout campout on Friday.  When we got to the shopping center we realized neither one of us had our wallets with us.  A had brought a little bit of money though, so we were able to buy his shoes with a promise to pay him back.  I also tried to go get the library books we needed for school, only to find that the children’s section was closed for maintenance for three days.  The boys had their Cub Scout Pinewood Derby that night which was fun, although DH was so exhausted by the afternoon’s exertions that he stayed home.  Probably a good idea though, as a gym full of excited 8, 9, and 10-year-olds that could possibly bump his arm didn’t sound like fun to him.  The boys enjoyed it though.  Pictures will be forthcoming.

Thursday was lesson day for me, and we hauled DH and his ice machine to Grandma and Poppa’s house with us.  Poppa took the boys shopping at the music store.  Now we have even more Star Wars music to practice, although the rule is 10 minutes of all their other music for every 5 minutes spent on Star Wars (or The Hobbit for A.)

Friday was another crazy day.  After breakfast I drove DH to physical therapy in Murray, then took E to Kindermusik in Holladay.  Drove back to Murray to pick up DH, then home, stopping on the way to get gas and buy some bread for lunch.  I’m so looking forward to homemade bread again, but it’s just one thing I can’t seem to manage at this point in time.  We ate a very quick lunch so we could get to homeschool park day on time (we didn’t quite make it) because we had to leave early to get A back home by 3:00 so he could go on a scout campout down by Fillmore where they got to explore lava tubes at Tabernacle Hill.  Of course, we were on time, and no one else was. I went to the library (again!) while DH and the boys waited with A and they hadn’t left when I came back.   I think they finally got on the road about 4:30.

The other three boys were so jealous that A got to go camping that we decided we’d go to eat dinner at Five Guys with Grandma Joyce for something fun to do.  E wanted to go inside her house when we dropped her off, so we ended up staying and visiting for awhile and got back home just in time to put the boys to bed.  For the first time.  E is not friends with bedtime lately.

Saturday saw me driving them all to get haircuts and trying to get some more errands done (which I should never do on a Saturday, the crowds and traffic just stress me out) and somewhere in there I had a meltdown. Can I just sit down and have a moment to myself???  I feel like I’ve been going, going, going all week long.  April always seems to be busy like this, and of course we’ve kept up on schoolwork as well, but then I’ve also been the caregiver and taking care of everybody but myself, it seems.  DH is very perceptive of when I’m about to crack though, so shepherded everyone through their kitchen jobs and bedtime routine last night so I could just go sit somewhere quiet and not have to talk to anybody or do anything for anybody else for a while.  It helped.  I solved a 12×12 irregular Sudoku puzzle, which oddly enough challenges my brain yet relaxes me. I need time like that just being with myself and my own thoughts.

On the upside, in all my chauffeuring and waiting around, I’ve done some reading.  Of course I’ve just grabbed whatever book I saw first and finally realized I’m one or two chapters into about four different books at this point.  I’ll have to choose one to actually finish if this week doesn’t look as busy as last.

DH and I also finally made it all the way through the 2008 BBC version of Dickens’s Little Dorrit.  Now why did I not watch this when it first came out???  It was wonderful, though long.  It seems like there are a few other good movies and books we’ve experienced lately.  I’ll have to think about them for a future post, as this one is already too long.  What can I say, it was a long week.

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  1. April 29, 2013 9:55 pm

    That does sound like a long busy week. It is always hard when someone is sick or hurt or just had surgery. All energy goes there and everything else suffers. But it sounds like you fit most of everything into your busy schedule anyway. You are amazing. And with little sleep too.

    I hope your husband continues to improve and everything settles down for you and your crew.

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