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Enjoying spring

May 1, 2013

We went to the city cemetery Monday afternoon and the sprinklers were on.  We drove a little farther and then started seeing signs announcing pesticide had been sprayed and to please not walk on the grass in that section.  Luckily the section we were headed to was sprinkler and pesticide-free so it all worked out.  The boys thought it was hilarious though because every time we go to the cemetery we seem to have mishaps.

They had to remind me of a time last year when we were searching for two different graves.  I can never remember the office hours and generally get there after they’ve closed or else it’s a weekend and they’re not even open.  And that cemetery is so huge, there is no way to find a grave on your own.  So one day we were up close to the cemetery already and I realized it was probably early enough in the day to catch the office open so I could get the exact details of where these two graves were.  So we headed up.  The office was open (score!) and we found the first grave after a little bit of searching.  It’s kind of a treasure hunt for the boys.  Go find this name on a headstone!  First one wins!

I was poised and ready to take a photo when my camera battery died.  Usually I can coax one or two more pictures out of it anyway, but so such luck that time.  But at least we knew where my 3rd-great-grandmother was buried.  We headed to the opposite end of the cemetery to find her husband, then headed home to charge up the camera battery.

After dinner, we drove back up with DH.  The minute we got out of the car and started walking across the grass, the sprinklers turned on.  E was not amused, but the other boys had great fun trying to dodge the water and thought it was so funny that I had to take quick pictures before the sprinkler headed back in our direction.  The pictures turned out well though!

So it’s kind of a family joke that things happen when we head to the cemetery.

Why we were at the cemetery this week is part of something fun that I’ll be sharing soon.  So stay tuned!


After the cemetery, the boys had energy they needed to burn off (anyone else’s children have way too much energy from being inside too much this winter?) so we headed to the park at Lindsay Gardens next to the cemetery.  It’s been ages since we’ve been there and we love that playground!  It’s one of the few that still has an old-fashioned merry-go-round on it.  The boys love to run around and around and then jump on and ride ’til they’re dizzy.  They finally convinced E to try it out too.  There were also tons of magpies flying around.  We could see several of their nests up in the trees.  On our way home, we were invited to play kickball with some friends from church at the field behind our house.  So we went and they played a good game.  It felt so good to be outside all afternoon in the warm spring sunshine.

Well, at least until the newly-mown grass in the field caught up with my nose and I remembered warm spring weather generally means hay fever!  But it was a nice thought while it lasted.  And in another six months I’ll be able to breathe again.

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