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Double digits!

May 15, 2013


C turned 10 on Monday.  Decorating birthday cakes gets easier by the year.  They almost always request a double-layer chocolate cake and then put whatever toys or action figures they so desire on top.  I can’t remember the last time I actually had to decorate a cake.  The frosting was super runny (not sure why) and the clone troopers didn’t want to stay upright, but that was really the least of our worries that day.

We began the day with breakfast at Kneader’s at City Creek.  (I’d like to take this moment to thank the only child born in a season where eating breakfast outdoors is a possibility.)


C had a sausage, egg, and cheese croissant sandwich and a razzleberry smoothie.  Very yummy!


When we came home, the boys helped lift the garage door so DH could get his car out as it was his first day back at work after surgery last month.  C jumped on his bike and began to ride down the driveway.  We have an old-fashioned driveway with two strips of concrete running up the grass.  I’m not sure if he was on the grass or the concrete, but he hit the other surface accidentally, fell over, and his bike landed on top of him.  Besides getting two skinned knees and hands, he sprained his wrist.  (So said the doctor with the x-ray yesterday.)

While we’re all glad he didn’t break it, he was upset that going roller skating after dinner wasn’t going to be such a good idea.  And he wasn’t about to get back on his bike either.  He was pretty shaken up and afraid he wasn’t going to have a good birthday after all. (This is the kid who counts down for weeks and is so excited he can hardly sleep the night before.)  So he requested to curl up and watch Star Wars Episode 2 for the rest of the morning, which was fine by me.  We pretty much take birthdays as an excuse for no school and let the birthday child decide the plan of action for the day.

I lost track of time and when the movie was over, I realized it was after 1:00 and we needed to eat a quick lunch and walk the dog before meeting some friends for kickball at 2:30.  We discovered that our only loaf of bread was growing mold so I dropped A and D off to walk the dog while I went to the store for more lunch fixings.  We made some quick ham sandwiches to eat before getting a text saying 2:30 wouldn’t work, could we come play at 3:00?   So that gave us some extra time.  Not enough time to finish baking the birthday cake that I finally started until after hitting the grocery store, but time.  Then our friends were 20 minutes late for playing kickball. And it was really hot!  Luckily they played a short game after which the boys came home and dumped out all the Legos we own while I made birthday cake, chicken-rice-broccoli casserole for dinner (C’s favorite), and frosting.

After dinner A and D make a treasure hunt with clues for C to find his presents.  Realizing that all of our wrapping paper is in our storage unit, we resorted to newspaper for said presents.  Luckily he didn’t mind.  He also had two cards to open from grandmas and great-grandmas.



We thought he needed something challenging to read that he couldn’t finish in one day.

He also got a Star Wars t-shirt and a cookbook!



I think the disappointment of not going roller skating was forgotten as they all worked together to make ice sabers!  They got to enjoy the fruits of their labors yesterday and I believe there’s another batch in my freezer as we speak.


We enjoyed cake together before sending them off to bed (with a promise of roller skating next Monday, or whenever the wrist heals) and C said that maybe it was a pretty great birthday after all!

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  1. May 15, 2013 9:08 pm

    sounds like a fun birthday, even after the scary bike accident! We love Sherlock Holmes at our house 😀 Happy Birthday!

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