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Quick trips here, quick trips there

May 30, 2013

For a while there, we were filling up the van with gas every Friday whether it needed it or not.  But for several weeks in a row now, I’ve been surprised by the “low gas” warning light on days that were decidedly not Fridays.  All these quick little trips must add up.

We have a rental house in Ogden that we’ve had to do some repairs on this month for our annual inspection by the Ogden housing office.  DH’s not the fastest at DIY home repairs, plus he’s been working with only one arm so it’s taken several trips, even with helpers, to get all the jobs done.  Plus our tenants were burglarized a few weeks back and we had to make another trip up there to inspect after that.  (Why do we have a rental so far from home?  That’s a really good question.)

Then E had Kindermusik classes every Friday, but they are over now so one weekly trip is off my schedule.  Homeschool park days have started up though, but at least that’s every other week.  I’ve also switched to teaching cello lessons every other week in the summer, so I’ll have some off weeks without the 120-mile roundtrip drive.  I’d really love to be at home for a while with nowhere to go, or else have somewhere fabulous to go away to for more than a day.  Even our “vacations” seem to be quick trips.

Like Saturday–

Last Saturday we drove to Idaho.  And then back again.  We did the same last fall for my grandpa’s funeral due to it falling right in the middle of a dress rehearsal and concert in Salt Lake City that I was committed to.  This time we went up for a memorial service just with the family the day after what would have been his 93rd birthday.

My parents were going up on Friday so they gave us their Utah Symphony tickets for Friday night.  I wasn’t about to turn down an evening of Dvorak and Brahms (and really we couldn’t afford to stay overnight anyway and DH wasn’t up to the cheap overnight stay of camping out with his arm still in a sling) and I had to be back to do Primary on Sunday morning (I was one of just three adults in the entire Primary in town last weekend) so we drove up Saturday morning and came back Saturday night.  Late.  That was my choice though.

After sitting outside in very windy weather for a couple hours for a very nice memorial time and picture-taking, then a trip to the cemetery to see Grandpa’s new headstone, DH was ready to come back home and sleep.  The boys were very tired of sitting though, especially buckled into a car, so I offered to be the one to drive us home instead so we could stay in Idaho a few hours longer.  And I was really glad we did.

Most of my cousins and all of my aunts and uncles were there and we had a big campfire in my grandma’s backyard and the boys roasted hotdogs for dinner, while trying all manner of positions to not get too close to the heat.  E had a fabulous time running around the backyard with all his cousins.


But we still managed to get some food in him.


I should have taken more pictures.  I don’t think I have a single one of C, but I was probably a little too busy eating s’mores!  I can’t resist roasted marshmallows!

Then the boys wanted a turn cranking the ice cream machine.  Then of course we had to stay for ice cream . . . which turned out to be more like thick milkshake after someone finally realized the handle was on backwards and all that hand-cranking was not doing much to make ice cream.


It was still delicious though.  Finally we corralled all four boys into the car so we could hit the road.  At one point I said we should have brought E’s pajamas along for the ride home.  In fact we should have brought a lot more clothing than we did.  The boys were rather cold all afternoon due to not bringing their jackets, even after I reminded them to grab them.  And then E’s water bottle leaked all over my jacket in the car.  Luckily my mother had an extra fleece jacket and some blankets in her trunk that she kindly shared with us.  I can’t count the number of times we’ve been surprised by weather on some of our quick little trips.  Really, you’d think I’d learn.

But as I was saying, when I mentioned pjs to E, he actually suggested that we drive home and get them and then, “We come back!”  He really didn’t want to leave all the fun, but I reluctantly had to tell him that driving back to Pocatello after going home for pajamas really wouldn’t work out too well.  He wasn’t ready for sleep anyway.  He’d had a good nap in the car during the drive to the cemetery and then back to Grandma’s, and therefore was awake all the way home.

He did the same thing Sunday.  Somebody let him fall asleep on the couch in the late afternoon and then he wouldn’t go to sleep until after 10 p.m. again.

Then we had another quick trip on Memorial Day.  Not as far as Idaho though–just down to see my brothers’ and sisters’ graves and to have lunch with Grandma and Poppa.  It was really nice to relax there and not have to worry about music students coming for a change.

And now I don’t know what day of the week it is.  Monday holidays always mess me up that way.  I just know the boys have swimming every day at 4:30.  More driving . . . yay!

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