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Lazy days

June 10, 2013

Apparently it hit 100 degrees this afternoon.  I wouldn’t know.  I’ve spent the entire afternoon indoors in air-conditioned comfort surfing the internet and eating baby carrots.

The boys are counting down to the end of school.  I’m not.  Not really.  Because I’ve been extremely lazy lately and I kind of like it!  Somewhere around the middle of May, probably right after my last orchestra concert and the final book club and history club meetings, I had had it.  I was done.  Done with nursing wounded patients.  Done with practicing.  Done with school.  Well, almost.  Unfortunately the curriculum wasn’t done, so we’ve soldiered on, but aside from school (which has been very short and to the point lately) I have done nothing!  Well, not nothing.  Let’s just say we’ve been getting our money’s worth out of Netflix lately!

I’ve taken very little downtime for me this entire school year what with packing and trying to move (or not) and taking care of DH and surgery plus all the things he normally does that he hasn’t been able to that have fallen on me, not to mention my full time job of educating the children.  And I’ve been feeling it.

While DH was home recuperating from surgery for four weeks, he pretty much sat in his recliner all day long and watched Netflix movies on his ipad.  That quashed all of my motivation to get anything productive done, let me tell you!  So once I got all the necessary extracurricular activities out of my life for the summer, I started doing almost the same thing!  Not quite though, I still have to be the mom and the homeschooler, but boy do I look forward to bedtime!  That’s when DH and I sit down and watch something, anything!  Well, not just anything, we’re always open to suggestions for good new series.  Right now, we’re hooked on Foyle’s War, about a Detective Chief Inspector in Hastings, England, during WWII.  It’s fascinating.

And I usually sit and try to untangle some of my family history lines, because I still can’t just sit and watch tv and do nothing else.  That’s just too lazy, even for me right now.  And I have the feeling the time is coming when I won’t get too much done on family history for a while, so I’m working while I can.

So that’s been my life for the last little while.  I told DH I wasn’t adding anything else to my life or my brain until school is over.  Unfortunately, we’re down to our last history chapter and grammar exercises this week, so Wednesday will be our final day of school.  Thursday we’re going to Lagoon amusement park with Grandma and Poppa, then on Friday we’re going to deep clean the music room.  Saturday we have the choice of at least 3 different activities we’re interested in.  (Why does everything happen at once?)  Then on Monday we get back to packing and scrubbing and house hunting again.  End of August–that’s my goal.  I want to be out of here and settled somewhere.

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