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Prepping and Planning

July 30, 2013

Since I’ve spent a goodly portion of the last two months lying on my bed, I’ve had lots of time to think, read, and make plans.  Some years I have everything for the next school year planned out and ordered well before summertime, but this year I kept putting it off, just trying to get through the day we were on.  One day in June though, I finally hit a point where I wanted to think about next year.  So I went with it.  I spent an afternoon doing research on a few more items, finalized my plans, and was ready to place my book orders.

When the packages came, I wasn’t excited.

That was probably more to do with being sick though than the actual books I ordered, although there wasn’t really anything new and big and exciting.  What I am excited about is all the ideas we’re going to talk about this year.  We’re coming up on year 3 of our chronological history cycle (1600-1850) which means we cover Jamestown, the Mayflower, the colonial period, the American revolution, and the beginnings of our country and our government, the Constitution, Fort McHenry, and of course what was happening in the rest of the world at the same time!  It’s such an exciting year!

This year I’ve felt impressed, more than ever before, that our children need to go in depth learning about the principles of liberty our country was founded on and what it means to be free.  It’s just one more reason I’m glad I homeschool.  I don’t get a sense that public schools are turning out graduates who love America and truly understand what freedom means.

I haven’t quite finalized what this will look like for us; now I’m in the process of putting plans to paper and discovering that many of the books, cds, and dvds I need are in boxes in my storage unit.  I was being so optimistic last November when packing up our books and thinking that there was no possible way we would still be in this house when school would start again, but here we are thanks to DH’s shoulder surgery/recovery and a particularly nasty bout of morning sickness (and I’m still in it, don’t go thinking I’m feeling fabulous yet by any means.)  That just means the perfect house for us isn’t quite ready for us yet, right?  Right??

Anyway, thanks to my organized habit of packing like books together, to find the 14 (and counting) items I really need for school this year that I already own, I’ll probably have to open about 14 different boxes and that’s assuming I labelled them all thoroughly.  So I’ve only been able to do so much toward school prep.  My to-do list is already almost 2 pages long, but at least I was smart and used one of my 15-cent spiral notebooks to write all my plans in so I can’t possibly lose a bunch of loose papers like I do almost every other year.

I ventured onto the Well-Trained Mind forums for the first time in forever this weekend and discovered that there is now a PreK/Kindergarten board.  As if reading the regular K-8 Curriculum board and the Logic Stage/Middle Grades board were not enough.  I got all excited about preschool though and at one point probably had about 13 tabs open on my computer as I researched various ideas, even though I pretty much already knew what I wanted to do with E this year.  It’s actually been about four years since I’ve had to do preschool, and lately preschool sounds much more fun than helping 3rd-, 5th-, and 7th-graders learn how to be better writers.  Much more fun.

Now I just have to figure out how to manage four children doing school work (although preschool will be very simple with E. Very simple) But at least our books are here (or in the nearby storage unit) and you can expect my big fat curriculum post next Monday for the Not-Back-to-school Blog Hop (which is happening somewhere if only I could find the link.)

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  1. July 30, 2013 6:39 am

    Boy can I relate to this post. We will be studying early America this year as well. I’m excited but I still have not planned the year out enough where I’m comfortable. Looking forward to your updates.

  2. July 31, 2013 9:20 am

    Congratulations on your pregnancy! So sorry you’ve felt so sick! I check in on you but have been so bad at corresponding. I feel bad we didn’t get together when we came to Utah. I so feel your pain about the house as it took us two years to sell ours and then two more years to find what would work for us.

    We finally did move and I have not posted about it yet! But we love our new place. A lot of work ahead but we love it. Now I am trying to get us ready to start our school year next Monday. The girls won’t be doing Calvert this year. We are in a new school district but after a lot of thought and prayer I felt like we should keep homeschooling this year. Still trying to figure out how to home school four kids with a one year old in tow! Honestly I am just plain scared but I just keep telling myself we can do it!

    Thanks for your example I am always inspired when I read your posts.

    Judi 🙂

  3. August 1, 2013 5:15 am

    Writing it all down is the first step. Good for you!

    “Our children need to go in depth learning about the principles of liberty our country was founded on and what it means to be free.” I’m fascinated by this idea. Could you share your plans?

  4. August 1, 2013 7:43 am

    In regards to managing four children, it has helped me to take it one day at a time. 🙂 It sounds like you are prepared, and similarly, I try to get as much done in the summer as possible. I start the older children working on more independent subjects while doing something like Math with the younger ones. Best wishes!

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