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October 8, 2013

Wow, I really haven’t blogged since Sept. 21?!!  Well, we got rid of the head lice at least, so that was good.

Here’s a glimpse of what my life has looked like the past few weeks:


Lots of little fast notes . . .

Yep, I’ve been back in the practice room working on Sibelius Symphony No. 1.  Orchestra rehearsals began again right after Labor Day and I really wanted to play this first concert as I’ll miss most of the symphony season due to baby.  But man, those three-hour rehearsals have been tough!  It’s always a little rough coming back after a summer break anyway, but it almost felt like I had to reteach myself how to play the cello again after honestly not touching it all summer long save for some scales here and there with my students on the very few days I taught lessons.  What can I say, morning sickness and cello don’t mix well.

And Sibelius is not easy!  After just one rehearsal I knew I’d have to put in some serious practice time to have a hope of playing it well.  We’ve had some temporary changes in sleeping arrangements with the boys here and I ended up having to practice before they went to bed at night if I wanted a chance to play, which was tricky some days.

I feel like I’ve been going nonstop from school to any needed errands, making dinner, and squeezing in practice time around any other evening activities. I’m sure we’ve missed out on piano practice for at least one child more than once because I’ve needed the music room instead.  (Yes, I know I’m the one with the portable instrument, but I’m a sound snob now and don’t want to practice if it’s not in the room with the wood floor!)  It’s good for them to see me practice though, and hear me mess up and try and try again.  Practicing what I preach!

It paid off; I’m happy to say I nailed the two pages pictured above!  I had to think about it so hard, I actually gave myself a headache in the concert Saturday night though.  But a few other spots didn’t go quite as well.  It’s one thing to be able to play your part and another to play it at the right time in sync with the rest of the orchestra.  I always wish I could see the score.  There were a few spots I just don’t think I got quite right, but for now I’m just glad it’s over!

We also played the Brahms Double Concerto for violin, cello, and orchestra, with two members of the Utah Symphony as soloists.  Luckily the orchestra cello part was comparatively simple next to Sibelius, so it wasn’t nearly as stressful.  But dress rehearsal was very difficult.  Normally DH drives me to rehearsal which is up at the University (and no nearby parking) but he had to work Friday night so I had to drive myself.  None of my usual parking spaces were open, probably because STOMP! was playing in Kingsbury Hall at the same time, and I had to walk quite a ways to get down to rehearsal.  Now I may only be 5 months along, but my hips are really out of whack right now and not working quite the way I think they should.  I was so sore when I finally made it into rehearsal and by our mid-point break, I was dying from sitting in that chair!  The walking around I did through our break must have helped get me back in alignment though because I felt fine through the second half of rehearsal.  And I was fine during the concert, which is always shorter than one of our rehearsals.

It’s so funny to me to play the cello when I’m pregnant.  I hold my cello quite vertically and close to my body compared to some other players, but as my belly expands, it gets more and more horizontal as I have to lengthen the endpin.  Right now the cello is about 1/2 inch away from touching my belly.  I think I’ll have to start adjusting it soon.   And I wonder what it must be like for the baby.  The time she started developing her hearing was just about the time I started rehearsals.  Can you imagine Sibelius suddenly coming at you inside the womb?!

I’ll admit I slept through part of general conference Sunday afternoon. Saturday wore me out! I slept in that day, but the stress of all that practicing last week caught up to me, and then I juggled watching conference on Saturday while DH had to work, yet more practicing, making a good dinner that would sustain me through the concert, and getting everyone bathed and clothed appropriately for where they needed to be (A to priesthood, C and D to the concert with me.)  I think I overdid it a little!  Normally general conference weekend rejuvenates me, but this one didn’t quite!

Oh well, one more week of school and then we’re taking a fall break and tonight we go at it again, rehearsing Scheherezade for our November concert.

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  1. October 8, 2013 9:53 am

    I love the idea of Sibelius “coming at you” for your sweet baby! No wonder your children are musical! Congrats on tackling it! I know Sibelius is NOT for sissies!!! 😀

  2. Linda J. permalink
    October 8, 2013 8:03 pm

    Wish we lived there to hear the concert! So when will one of the boys pick an orchestral instrument?

  3. October 8, 2013 10:38 pm

    Some of my flute music looks like that except it is all way above the staff. I am horrible about getting in practice time. I usually just count on being able to hide a bit behind all those people that do actually practice.

  4. mrsbrooke permalink
    October 12, 2013 11:09 am

    Sorry you’re so tired! Reading this, I couldn’t help but smile at the thought of Baby listening to Sibelius. That’s quite the gift to a developing brain! 🙂

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