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October 22, 2013

Considering we were coming from a week off, jumping back into schoolwork today didn’t go as badly as it might have!  You just never know how that will throw things off.  We got off to a late start though and got hung up over breakfast on a discussion of how credit cards work, mortgage loans, what defaulting means, and the now $17 trillion+ national debt.  Fun times!  Oh, and why operating with a budget is so important.  We may make it a family affair when budgeting out DH’s next paycheck on Friday as a hands-on demonstration.

The boys completed almost everything on their checklists, although we spent less time on most subjects than I would have liked, then discovered there was no bread in the house for lunch and ended up eating Ramen for lunch.  Not my favorite, but the boys love it.  We walked the dog then came home to talk about the Thirty Years’ War and do some mapwork.  A always requests to do chemistry at the end of the day.  He says it’s so if his brothers take forever, he can be done and not have to wait for them, but I think it’s really so we can keep going with whatever we’re doing and he won’t have to worry that I’ll want to stop and move on to something new.  For now at least, science has replaced history as his favorite subject.  Today we watched some cool flame test videos and tested our knowledge of elements and their symbols with a game on

Finally I realized it was 4:00 already and we needed to stop.  E had just barely fallen asleep leaning against me but rather than have him take a late nap and then be up until 11 p.m., we opted to wake him up and take him to the fabric store with us instead.  Of course, that’s never a good idea, especially the week before Halloween and right at dinner time.  He had a complete meltdown after I told him no Skittles in the checkout line.  That was after trolling the store for a good 45 minutes trying to find suitable gray fabric for Gandalf and his hat that is one of this week’s projects.

I knew it would be a long outing after pulling a number for our turn at the cutting table.  We got 82.  They were currently on 63.  At least I had A get us a number long before we were ready for cutting anything, or we would have been there even later.

I know Halloween falls on Oct. 31 every year without fail, and yet every year it seems to sneak up on me and at least one child will want something completely creative that requires a trip to the fabric store.  I had wanted to do this trip last week when DH was home, but somehow it never happened.

Also in a week of fall break, I was supposed to take a day, or even half a day to prep for the next 8 weeks of school, but that didn’t happen either as I remembered when we sat down to our schoolwork today, but we managed.

As for fall break, we were out of town for three days, and I think I spent the rest of the weekend recovering.  I just barely downloaded pictures from our adventures (such as they were) last night and hopefully this week I’ll get back to blogging.

And laundry, of course.  There’s always that.

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  1. October 22, 2013 3:42 am

    Boy, that sounds like a difficult day. We’ve had our share of those too. Hang in there!

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