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Fall Break: Utah Shakespeare Festival

October 24, 2013

Sometime we’ll get back to actually seeing some Shakespeare again at the Utah Shakespeare Festival.  It’s been a few years.  Last week we went down and saw one of the final productions of Peter and the Starcatcher with the boys for our belated summer vacation.

DH was working so many hours this summer with the new building opening (and no chance of any time off before September) and of course I was incredibly sick besides, so we looked at the calendar and thought October would be a nice time to get away.  Plus tickets for Peter were half-price the night we went, and after eight weeks of school it was time for a little break.

I have decided it’s as much effort to pack and go away for two nights with children as it is to go for a week or more.  It seemed an awful lot of effort to drive to Cedar City just for one night.  Nevertheless, we all had a great time.  E has been asking when we are going to sleep in a hotel again.

Tuesday morning we had history club and then left in time to have lunch with Grandma and Poppa.  I had wanted to drive the Mt. Nebo scenic loop on our way down, but it was terribly rainy and stormy looking up that canyon so we stuck to the freeway and got to see the new Angel Moroni on the Payson Temple instead.  Unfortunately C had left his coat at history club (which we didn’t realize until we got home on Thursday) and it was pretty cold and windy in Cedar City.  Luckily he had a fleece shirt to go over his other one, and honestly I don’t think that child feels the cold anyway.

We had some time to kill after dinner and E had spotted a playground so we drove over to run off some energy.  E didn’t last very long in the cold though and was very appreciative that I had found his fleece-lined gloves when he got back in the car.  Then he got to go to the Festival’s daycare while we went to the theater.  They had trains.  He was very happy to be left.

We all liked the play.  The boys laughed and laughed.  I know I missed several lines because I was still laughing at the previous one.  It was much more light hearted and humorous than the book, which we also really enjoyed this summer.  I had wondered how they were going to stage the play when so much of the book took place in the water or up in the air, but I thought it was really well done.  We had to use our imaginations a lot as a single piece of rope might suggest a doorway or stairs or a ship’s prow.  And imagination helped when the entire cast (11 men and only 1 girl) opened the second act all dressed as mermaids for a big song and dance number.  That was a little frightening actually, and yet hilarious at the same time.

Black Stache was the boys’ favorite.  C is still quoting him. “Congratulations, Peter.  You’ve single-handedly made me . . . well, single-handed.”  I personally liked his line, “No man is an archipelago.”  He was rather prone to uttering malapropisms, though one isn’t quite one.  I also loved the line, I missed what it was about, but something that was “harder to find than a melody in a Phillip Glass opera.”


The boys in front of the outdoor Elizabethan theater.  We’re really glad our play was indoors.

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