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Black Friday

November 30, 2013

Quote of the day, courtesy of C: Is it called Black Friday because that’s when the Stock Market crashed?


I’ve been waiting for this moment for ages: Laughing, D brought a book to me and said he just had to read me this paragraph because it was soooo funny!

We finished his reading lesson book last spring and he takes turns reading scriptures with us every morning and conference talks (which are full of big words) on Monday nights for family home evening, but he’s still under the impression that he doesn’t really know how to read.  Or read well, anyhow.  He’s read a lot of our easy reader books and will often take picture books to bed with him at night, which are actually written at a higher level than his easy readers, but he hasn’t seemed to want to jump into longer chapter books, no matter what I’ve tried.

For his birthday I really wanted to get him some books that would excite him.  So the night before his birthday I was at Barnes and Noble trying to find something appealing.  Everything for the “emerging readers, ages 7-10” was along the lines of Captain Underpants or Diary of a Wimpy Kid, neither of which I’d really like to encourage.  I don’t subscribe to the “as long as they’re reading, that’s what counts” theory, although I’m not completely against brain candy once in  a while.

Ultimately I ended up with Stuart Little and one of the How to Train Your Dragon books, mainly because they both had line drawings scattered throughout the text which I knew would be more appealing to D than straight words on the page.  D has been tackling the Dragon book for the past two days and he just couldn’t wait to read me a passage tonight.  He was so excited!  I think I chose wisely.


Our home teachers showed up Wednesday night with a present for D as well–two Hardy Boys mystery books.  No pictures, but I think he’ll be up to tackling them soon, now that he’s gotten a taste for a good book.  I’m just grateful for good home teachers that watch over us.  They’ve already called to say they have something for A’s birthday next week.


Less exciting was cleaning the bathroom today (although that sounded more fun than fighting the shopping crowds!)–as in down on my hands and knees scrubbing every possible surface cleaning the bathroom.  And decluttering.  And trying to figure out why we own so many mini tubes of toothpaste and packages of floss.  The bathroom has been in dire need of a good scrubbing for so many months now and I figured it would be better to do it while 7 months pregnant than at 9 months along and it was my turn to clean the bathroom this week anyhow.  And lucky me, I didn’t finish so I get to continue on tomorrow.

We took a break from cleaning to go to the planetarium with Grandma and Poppa to see the new Rocky Mountain Express movie on the IMAX screen.  It was very cool and now we all want to go on a train ride through the Canadian Rockies.  We also want to go back and see the new Jerusalem film that is playing now that Poppa renewed our planetarium membership for us.

Afterward we drove to Great-grandma J’s house to celebrate both A’s and Grandma’s birthday which is next Tuesday.  We ate some more of D’s birthday cake and also ordered pizza.  A opted to open his presents tonight when Grandma and Poppa could see them.  He received a tie, some pants, a journal, and the game Battleship.

I should have taken pictures.  I’ve been carrying my camera around for two days but have hardly taken a single shot.  Someone else took pictures of our whole family yesterday for me and I do have pictures of D’s birthday activities that I need to blog about soon.

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