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More December happenings and thoughts on blogging

December 29, 2013

On my “About” page linked above, I mention that I do not have the journal writer gene.  I’m just not a writer, and I so wish I was, or wish at least that it was easier for me to put things into words.  But as my mother says, I’ve kept up this blog for almost seven years now, and that’s more record keeping than I would have otherwise even when I feel like my efforts are sorely lacking.  I’ve never been able to keep a daily journal either so at least the blog format works for me if I would just stick with it.

I read one blogger’s thoughts on trying to blog every single day for the month of November (which I always thought was a little crazy)  and she said that initially she thought it would be hard to write something every day, but she found that the more she wrote, the more she had to say.  I liked that thought, and so I think I need to start blogging more (just when I’m about to have a baby! HA!)  But I’m always thinking of things to blog about, but then never open up a new post to actually write them out.  If I’d do that more often, it would be . . . easier to do it more often.  Imagine that.  I might actually get back to a point I was at once where I wrote out my thoughts on homeschooling and motherhood and other such subjects instead of just recapping what we did and where we went.  I want to keep track of that too, but I also find that I like to think about things and writing helps me to sort out my thoughts on different matters and I miss that.

But for today I’m merely trying to keep up the family journal and record all the things that have been happening in the past couple weeks that I wanted to remember.  So here you go–




On the 13th we went to see The Hobbit #2 (classic lit on the big screen–that counts as a school day, doesn’t it?) C just had to wear his Gandalf costume (and is trying hard not to let the beard slip down in the photo.)  The boys have been counting down for a long time, probably since last December, seeing how we’re now counting down to #3 next Christmas.  Loved that cliffhanger ending!  We really enjoyed it, although the overall experience was better last year.  We went to an afternoon showing, the theater was absolutely packed, and there was this anticipation in the air for a return to Middle Earth.  Everybody clapped when the movie finally started, we all laughed at the jokes together, and the whole atmosphere was just . . . fun.

This time around we went to a late morning show with a very small audience and while we loved the movie, it just wasn’t quite as much fun.  But we had to work around getting E a babysitter and my dear friend who agreed to watch him actually took him to his Kindermusik class for us so he wouldn’t have to miss.  And she fed us lunch when we got back to her house at 2:00 and she made us dinner to take home to heat up.  So it was all wonderful.

On our way home we stopped to get a Christmas tree.  I think it took longer to find E who wandered off in the tree lot while we hunted than it did to actually choose a tree.  Then we had a serious fit of the giggles on the way home as I recounted to the boys the story of the very first Christmas tree DH and I cut down ourselves.  With a hatchet.  A very small hatchet.

It had actually rained that day so we let the tree dry out a bit before putting electric things on it, but the boys were so impatient that we finished it up that night while DH was at work.



And the next morning E was back redecorating it; those John Deere tractor ornaments were just too tempting!  After a day or two though, he quit touching it so much, or at least didn’t do it when I was watching.


We had a couple really great snowstorms which left the world covered in white.


The boys actually argue over who gets to go shovel.  So we now own three snow shovels and they can all help so I don’t have to bother with it, although I actually like to shovel too, just not in my current condition.

Unfortunately it warmed up and rained a bit last week, so it wasn’t quite this pretty on Christmas Day, although we did have a white Christmas which just feels right to me.

My grandma has a family Christmas party every year.  Her entertainment had to cancel last minute though so my dad called me to have the boys bring their Christmas piano books and fill in. (Thanks to my cousin for the pictures, of A anyway.  I didn’t take any of the other two either.)

A piano-001

A and my dad playing The Nutcracker Suite for piano/four hands were quite the hit.

A playing piano-001

The boys (and all the kids) got presents from my grandma and had fun playing with them while the adults did a secret gift exchange for the person whose name we drew at Thanksgiving.  E loved his little construction vehicles and playmat.  Every week it seems he gets more creative in his play and is always having little conversations with his different toys.  It’s so cute.  Here he’s putting all his trucks into a circle so they can “have a meeting.”


Then after a while, he decided he was done and ready to go home.  He got his boots and coat on, picked up my gift bag, and was practically out the door all on his own.  Poor kid–he’s been up past his bedtime so many nights lately.   I was waiting for DH who was helping C put together a little helicopter he received before I remembered DH had driven his own car and I didn’t have to wait for him.


I should have remembered I drove myself.  We had a crazy afternoon just trying to get out of the house.  I was working on a Christmas calendar project for the grandparents and didn’t look at the clock until it was an hour before we needed to leave and realized I still hadn’t showered for the day.  Then I couldn’t find the gifts DH and I had bought for the gift exchange which still needed to be wrapped.  Gifts finally found; quick wrapping job.

Then– “Yes, that’s a great Mount Doom.  Will you please quit building Mordor from snow in the front yard and get your music books and get in the car!”  We made it to the corner when I remembered we left the back door unlocked and had better go back.  Second try–we made it two blocks when I realized my wallet wasn’t in the car.  Third try–the boys all joked that maybe we’d make it all the way to State Street this time.  We did and if we forgot anything else I never knew about it.  Anyway, it was a good night with all of our family.

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  1. December 30, 2013 7:18 am

    Sounds lovely! I can so resonate with the whole “blogging is hard” thing! And it’s hard to keep a nice balance between “we’re doing” posts and “I’m thinking” posts. I feel like my blog’s heavy the other way right now. I am not doing so hot on my written journal either. And the scrapbook- my photojournal- is coming slowly too. That journaling thing. It’s tricky. Time is hard to come by.

  2. December 30, 2013 3:53 pm

    My blog too has become mainly a photo dump. I tend to only blog when I have pictures and even then it is often week or more after and I cram too many events/pictures into one post. I really need to try to write a little more about other things and not just make it a travel log.

    Maybe it was easier years ago when school was much more hands on fun and less workbooks and math exercises. Perhaps that has more to say about how I am doing at making school fun. I guess the first time through the cycle was a lot more exciting than the 2nd.

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