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Welcome back to the hodge-podge that is our life

January 7, 2014

Wow!  Give the boys a checklist and they’re off and running.  I think we were all craving a little more structure in our lives. It helped that DH got them up before he went to work so they could get the garbage cans out to the street.  Somebody did piano practice before breakfast; A worked on math while he got oatmeal cooking.  I got the best night’s sleep I’ve had in at least a week and we all had a great day!

A, who we call “Hollow Leg” because he’s never full, was taking forever eating breakfast though so I finally read scriptures out loud to everyone rather than taking turns so he could finish faster.  After personal scripture study, I suggested just reading through our new memory verse, but they pulled out their memory work binders and went through the whole recitation for the day.  Who can argue with that.  I’m finding out that they are much better at recall than I am.  They’d read off a scripture reference and even if I knew the scripture, I’m terrible at knowing which scripture goes with which reference.  I’d ask how it starts and A would say, “Therefore.”  OK, that was really helpful!  I need a cheat sheet with the first three or four words to each verse so maybe I’d have a chance of keeping up.

Then we started our new goal which is to sing our way through the hymn book and the children’s songbook.  A will get sightreading practice at the piano and the rest of us can practice singing.  There are still hymns that I don’t think I’ve ever sung before so we’ll become a little more familiar with them.  We should probably work on memorizing the Primary song of the month too so C and D can help out our little Primary more in singing time.   Maybe we can add that in tomorrow.

I don’t know what I was thinking when I ordered C’s Singapore math book last summer and got the 4B textbook, which I already own, instead of the workbook.  He finished 4A before Christmas and luckily there was a homeschool store close to Grandma’s house where I could get the workbook last week without having to pay shipping.  So he dove into decimals this morning for the first time and declared they weren’t nearly as hard as he thought they would be!  Anything positive regarding math with that kid is a wonderful thing.  D also started a new book, 4A.  They all watched their Latin videos and did some grammar and writing and I was able to sneak away to take a shower before helping them with Mind Benders before lunch.

After lunch and getting dinner in the crockpot (we really outdid ourselves today!) we walked the dog and then read about the French and Indian War before I had to head to my doctor’s appointment.  Apparently Christmas was very good to me–I’ve gained another three pounds in the past two weeks!  I’m also 70% effaced and dilated not quite 2 cm.  And if labor starts, they won’t try to stop me now.  I got the “it’s better to come in too soon than too late” lecture. Yes, I have fast deliveries and DH really won’t want to deliver a baby on the side of the road in the cold of January!

I feel like this child should already be here.  It’s my fourth winter baby, but the one with the latest due date.  The other three were already here by now.  But all the time spent inside growing is good; I haven’t had a baby over 7 pounds yet and the smaller the baby, the smaller the tummy and the more we’ll be getting up during the night to eat.  Plus the baby bed is still at Grandma’s house and I don’t have a space cleared out for it yet anyway.  I’m getting uncomfortable (and was really sore for the rest of the day after my exam) but am not quite ready to bring a baby home.  E keeps asking when the baby is coming and I don’t think he quite approves of the answer that only Heavenly Father knows for sure!

Speaking of E, he spent way too many hours watching movies today on my phone, but it was a small price to pay to get him to sit on the toilet.  Yes, I totally bribe my 4-year-old.  But he is so close to being completely potty trained.  Finally!  He just doesn’t like the toilet, but we’re convincing him that it’s terribly impractical to take his potty chair with us whenever we go out in public, whereas there are toilets everywhere if he’d only sit on them!  Which he’ll do if it means movie time.  I just want this kid in underpants; we’ll work on the media addiction later.   🙂

Our productivity slowed after dinner and it took the boys forever to finish their kitchen jobs.  I think one of our New Year’s goals needs to be working on efficiency and not dawdling.  It was almost bedtime when we finally sat down for family home evening.  Our wise men have been wending their way through the house for the past twelve days and finally reached the manger scene tonight.  We watched the Church’s new Bible video about the Wise Men and read about the Magi on a great new site I found about the New Testament (that I want to explore further.)  Then we talked about what we can learn from the wise men with this quote from Elder Patrick Kearon in the December 2011 Ensign:

There is much we can learn from the Wise Men. Like them, we should study the scriptures and know the signs to watch for as we all prepare the earth for the Savior’s Second Coming. Then, as we search and ponder the scriptures, we will more fully desire to seek the Lord every day of our lives and, as a gift to Him, give up our selfishness, pride, and rebelliousness. When personal revelation comes to alter the plans we have made, we can obey, having faith and trust that God knows what is best for us. And ultimately, through lives of true discipleship, we must fall down and worship the Savior in humility and love.

I think it has some good counsel for the new year and it was a great way to wrap up the Christmas season.

Now I’m resigned to the fact that I really need to take down my Christmas tree!

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