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Tradition, what tradition?

January 9, 2014


We finally undecorated the Christmas tree yesterday.  That was supposed to happen Tuesday, but it was so gray and dreary that afternoon that I couldn’t bear to turn off the lights and dismantle the decorations.  So Wednesday it was.

As we put the ornaments away C said, “One day I’m going to tell my children and grandchildren about all the cool ornaments we had on our tree when I was growing up.”

Once upon a time, we decided to start a tradition of buying each child an ornament every year so they’d have a nice collection of their very own “cool” ornaments to take with them when they left home.  So, confession time: That’s one tradition we’ve failed pretty miserably at.  I can probably count the years we’ve actually remembered to do this on one hand.  This year we did buy them each a Danish ornament from the Museum gift shop at BYU when we went to the Carl Bloch exhibit.  So they’ll at least have that!

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  1. Emily T. permalink
    January 10, 2014 11:44 pm

    HAH! We have this tradition as well. Every year we have bought or made ornaments for each child. When I mentioned to my oldest daughter that she would be able to take her ornaments with her when she leaves home, she replied what ornaments. Turns out none of my five kids knew this was a tradition. So who knows what they thought we were doing for the last 20 Christmases!

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