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March 30, 2014

We survived DH being gone for the better part of four days, although as I mentioned in my last post, Baby A was not fond of sleeping this week. Well, sleeping on a warm body, yes. Sleeping in her bed, no. On Wednesday afternoon I finally drove to Sam’s Club just so she’d get a decent nap. That, and we needed milk.

We took the day off from school on Friday and planned to do some work on Saturday instead which I thought would be a day with fewer disruptions than Friday since DH was coming home from his trip and we had to take E to his Kindermusik class instead of having DH do it like usual. The boys really enjoyed their day off and then Friday night DH mentioned that the baptism was “tomorrow at 11.”  Baptism, what baptism?  Oh yeah, we were invited to a baptism.  I know the boys did some of their individual work on Saturday morning before I got up, but the day was kind of a bust as far as the reading and other activities together I had planned.

Then on the way home from the baptism DH asked me who was going to watch the boys that night.  I was planning on going to the General Women’s Meeting (for our church) and mentioned that it didn’t start until 6:00 and since he got off work at 6:00 . . .

“Remember I’m working until midnight tonight?”  DH says.   Ummm, nooooo . . .

“Yeah, so-and-so traded my Friday night for his Saturday night shift.  Remember?”   Well that was nice of him to work Friday night for you so you wouldn’t have to work after being in Vegas all week, but no I didn’t remember that was the tradeoff.  I’m so sleep deprived right now that I don’t remember anything you told me more than 20 minutes ago.  And you really won’t be home until midnight???

“Oh, and someone needs me to work for them on Sunday noon to four.”   Just shoot me now . . .

Luckily A is my built-in babysitter and is more than happy (usually) to watch his brothers so I got to go to the Women’s meeting and the ice cream social after with Baby A, who then took pity on me and slept from 10:45 last night until 5:00 this morning!  I feel almost human.  And she’s asleep this evening, hence the attempt to catch up on some blogging.

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