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2 months

March 31, 2014

It’s hard to believe Baby A is already two months old!  My, how time flies!


OK—2 months and 9 days now that I’m finally getting back to finishing this post!

Note to self: Take pictures before immunization shots are given.  She was pretty grumpy that day after the doctor’s appointment.

She’s growing though–9 lbs 9.5 oz. and 21 inches long.


The doctor was impressed with her leg muscles.  She really likes to stand on them.   She has a strong neck as well.  She has always liked to be up and looking around , although she’s not a fan of “tummy time” on the floor despite C’s daily efforts.

Her left eye still has a blocked tear duct and is quite drippy during the day and often crusted shut after a night’s sleep.

She’ll take a bottle willingly from any of the boys.  Hallelujah! Although pumping milk always makes me feel like a cow.  Moooo . . . Three of the boys hated taking a bottle; D was the only one who got used to it from his NICU days.  It’s nice knowing I can leave her with some milk when I start symphony rehearsals again at the end of April and since I’m back to teaching cello students one afternoon a week.
She’s begun to smile and coo which we all just adore.
Sleep–now there’s our single biggest issue with this child.  Or maybe it is with every child.  I know those first couple months with a newborn are always difficult, but I honestly don’t remember feeling so wiped out and dead tired with any of the others.  I was looking back through the blog a few days ago.  I did so many homeschooling projects with the boys when E was just a newborn.  And I blogged about it!   I have no energy like that this time around.  DH and I are really feeling our age with this child and the lack of sleep. 40 is looming just over the horizon for me!  And DH turned 47 last month.  We’re both feeling old!  Or as my doctor says, this is why you have babies when you’re 22.
Aside from our issues, Little A’s had her own issues with sleep, or rather with being spitty.  She is the spittiest baby!  Milk just doesn’t want to stay down!  It’s hard to sleep when everything you just ate starts coming back up.  DH is inclined to call it reflux, but she doesn’t seem to be in any pain like it’s heartburn or anything like that.  I just think she’s two months old and her sphincter muscle is still underdeveloped.  For quite a while, DH was going to bed early in the evening so that after I nursed her in the night he could stay up and hold her upright on his shoulder or at least on an incline in his arms so she could sleep more soundly.  Of course then he wasn’t getting much sleep, so it wasn’t a great solution.  And I was stressed out over his lack of sleep not to mention my own fatigue due to getting up and feeding a baby several times a night.
We were getting rather desperate when my mother finally asked us if we were putting her to sleep on her left side and something clicked in my brain.  Of course!  When you’re pregnant, sleeping on your left side is advised.  It helps blood flow and helps the kidneys work more efficiently.  But also your stomach is on your left side and so it’s an uphill climb for anything to exit the stomach and come back up your esophagus.  When you’re pregnant and there’s a baby pressing on all your internal organs, heartburn is still practically inevitable, but in babies, lying on their left side keeps the milk down in the tummy.  After we figured this out, Little A took probably the best nap in weeks and has been doing remarkably better ever since.  She’s getting more wiggly now and rarely stays on her left side, but she’s not nearly so spitty as she was.
There’s still the issue of all these brothers loving her to death.  Somedays she gets so wide awake and so stimulated from all the loving attention and kisses they give her that she has a hard time calming down and relaxing to a point where she can go back to sleep, but that’s rather a good problem to have, isn’t it?  We’ll never say she wasn’t well loved!
As now that she’s been fed again and is back asleep (and I can hear DH snoring through the baby monitor) I should be getting to bed myself.  Any more blog catch up will  have to come later, but don’t hold your breath waiting.
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