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Portrait of a Sunday

April 28, 2014

First let’s talk about Wednesday–

Little A slept until 7 a.m. that morning!  I felt rested.  I felt refreshed.  I got up and stayed up and had energy to do everything I wanted to.  The boys have been getting up to work out with DH in the mornings and so they were up and we had a great breakfast together, then scripture study and school.  Everyone was happy; they worked hard, and it was a great day!

To set the stage for Sunday–

Little A has been getting up consistently at 4:30 a.m. the past four days.  Friday night, while DH was working 22 hours straight including overnight, she also woke up at 1:15 a.m. for me.  I felt like all I did yesterday was feed that child.  To say I’ve been dragging for the past two days is an understatement.

This morning, DH went back to work for ten more hours, and after eating at 4:30 (think maybe we’ve got a growth spurt happening?), Little A woke up at 7 a.m.  I was tired so I pulled her into bed with me and laid down to nurse.

And fell asleep until 8:08.

Luckily three of my children are early risers and were up and eating breakfast already when I jumped out of bed to take a very necessary shower.  Thankfully I cut off a few inches of hair a few weeks ago so there was a good chance I could get it dry before church.

The three early risers are also able to dress themselves and for the most part, I don’t have to worry about them.

Then there’s E.

He needs a helper.  He’s not an early riser, so 9 a.m. church is a challenge.  Sunday morning breakfast is generally make-it-yourself, but he’s not so great at that.  At 8:45 he was whining because he wanted two pieces of toast with jam and he was only getting one.  I told him he was lucky to eat one piece (I didn’t have time for my breakfast) and besides he wasn’t even dressed yet.  Which was probably good, because white shirt + grape jam??

C dressed the baby while I buttoned E’s shirt.  For some reason, I’m the only one he’ll let help him get dressed.

I hurried to print off pages I needed for Primary sharing time.  I began printing them last night until I heard them through the baby monitor and quickly deleted all my print jobs.  Why did I think moving my printer into my bedroom was a good idea?  I never seem to be printing when people are awake.

I sent the three boys to church (A had gone previously) and brought the baby myself.

Somewhere in there I turned funny and pulled a muscle in my neck which is still incredibly sore.

I got to church.  Late.  No E.  Where’s E?

“He’s going potty.”  You don’t let the 4-year-old go potty by himself!  I sent D to go stay with him and bring him back to the chapel.  Pretty soon I could hear screaming because E doesn’t want help getting back to the chapel, especially from D.  Mom to the rescue.

Thank goodness Little A was fairly calm throughout all of this.

Next came Primary.  Only one of our four teachers was there today plus our permanent sub.  E ended up going in the next class up and that teacher likes to give out treats.  I heard he spent a lot of the last hour running around the Primary room.  I wasn’t there.  We had a special women’s meeting all together so the Young Men and Women took over Primary.  And lost the page of instructions I had typed out for them to use in sharing time.

And while I was preparing sharing time, my neighbor wandered into the Primary room to ask if there was any special reason the back of my van was completely up and open when she walked over to church.  Apparently the remote for the car works from a half block away, inside the chapel.  So maybe I shouldn’t let the 4-year-old play with the car keys during sacrament meeting.

During the special women’s meeting I remembered I hadn’t actually gone to check on the van yet, so I ran out.  Sure enough, it was still wide open.  The keys with the remote were clear back in the Primary room so I just ran home to shut it myself.  And you know, the fresh air felt good!  The church was so hot today.

And E was so crabby this afternoon.  I finally sent him to his room, where he promptly fell asleep.  Why is it, I can never see that a child needs, and I mean needs a nap, until he’s so ornery and contrary that he finally gets sent to his room?  Then he falls asleep and it dawns on me that that was just what was needed.  Truthfully though, I didn’t even realize he went to sleep because my neck and shoulder were hurting even more after trying to hold Little A and get her to calm down enough for a nap, which she was fighting.

It was so good to see DH pull in the driveway!

And it was good to have a family history committee meeting to go to so I could get a break from whiny children for an hour.  Ever feel like that?

Although E was quite pleasant through dinner due to his nap, and was still pleasant even at 9:45 when he was still wide awake due to that same nap.  DH and I were going to have a snack before feeding the baby one last time and going to bed, so we invited E to come out with us.  He was so excited!  We shared chips and salsa at the kitchen table and talked and laughed together.  He then asked if he could play with his cars for a few minutes.  We said yes.  He played and played and set out his car playmat so it will be all ready to come back to in the morning.  He was happy.  I was happy.

I told DH we should have little private dates like this with E more often, where he can get some one on one attention and it’s positive attention.  He seems to be getting a lot of negative attention lately. I know a lot of it is probably due to not being the baby any more.  Although he’s great with Little A and loves being a big brother, I do feel like he’s acting out in other ways more often.  So it was nice to have some really happy positive interaction with him tonight.

And then I fed Baby A one more time.

And ate too many tortilla chips.

The end.

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  1. Tamaran permalink
    April 28, 2014 8:54 am

    Your Sunday sounds somewhat like ours. I realized I can’t do 9:00 right now without help from Jon. We ended up at the ward that Jon is over because they meet at 11:00 and that was where he was going to be at. Brayden was thrilled that Allison was his teacher.

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