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We’re still here . . .

May 20, 2014

The busiest two weeks of my year so far just had to coincide with Baby A deciding to start waking up around 4 a.m. again (or earlier) and then over the weekend, staying awake and being extremely fussy for several hours during the dark of the night.  Friday morning she woke up feverish and grumpy.  Personally, I think she’s teething even though it seems too early for that.  She drools like crazy, can’t get enough of her fists into her mouth and cries and cries at naptime.  I bought a new bottle of teething tabs and she seems much happier today.

DH is also covering weekend shifts for two other guys right now (one had the same shoulder surgery DH had last year), so he works his regular hours M-Th, then works Friday night, all day Saturday, and most of the day Sunday.  We never have a day off!  And I’m really starting to feel it.  Especially by Sunday afternoon. Baby A was nice to me yesterday however and slept for two hours through most of church.  My arm was completely asleep as well by the end of it, but it was so great that I had to call DH to tell him about it.  It was probably the longest nap she’s had in two weeks.  Then on the next go around, it took 45 minutes to get her to go out for a 30-minute nap.

If it sound like I’m a little obsessed with sleep and sleep patterns right now, I am.  Even though I’m getting much more sleep lately than I have since January, my body craves even more, but I’ve also been a little more stressed out lately and therefore haven’t been sleeping as well as I should be.

I had an orchestra concert Saturday night; one that we just started rehearsals for a mere three weeks ago.  There were some parts that I still felt I was basically sightreading on the concert.  Even though they were easy enough, I didn’t personally feel we had enough familiarity with them as an ensemble.  Or maybe it was just me.  The concert went really well though.  We played Mendelssohn’s Symphony No. 5, The Reformation.  The last movement is a chorale based on “A Mighty Fortress Is Our God.”  The strings also played an arrangement of Villa-Lobos’s Bachianas Brasileiras #5.  I much prefer the 8 cello/soprano solo version, but this was nice too.  A smaller ensemble played the Bach Brandenburg Concerto #1, but I wasn’t involved in that.  Thank goodness!  I got to either go to rehearsal later or go home sooner which helped with nursing the baby.  She’s ok with a bottle, but not thrilled with it, and she was always glad to see me again when I got home.  I missed her too, but it was nice to be playing again even though I found I was out of playing shape quite horribly.

Other happenings:

  • I also played for a friend’s piano student chamber music recital.  That was crazy trying to balance baby nursing with rehearsal times, plus driving to Utah County three times in three days.
  • School is happening but just barely, and we’re taking this week off.
  • I’m thinking about next year’s plans though and stressing over algebra and science.
  • We all went to the dentist and I was the only one with the beginnings of two cavities.  (Why me?)
  • D started orthodontia.  C continued orthodontia.  (I don’t think I’ve even blogged about that yet.)
  • C also had a birthday.  Pictures coming shortly . . .
  • I had to talk in church on mother’s day. ( Yes, Mom, I will post that here soon as well!)
  • A and C went to a merit badge class on Saturday and D went with his scout leader to the Scout Expo (and met up with A and C there), so I only had E and Little A home with me all day.  It was weird.
  • I’m really glad they got to go.  I just couldn’t see myself pushing the double stroller through the zillions of people at the expo, not losing E, and probably having to park a mile away like the last time we went.  I just wasn’t feeling up to it this year so I’m glad the boys have some great leaders who will take them.
  • A and C are leaving again on Thursday to go to Washington, D. C., with my parents and their choir.  They should have a great time.
  • I was hoping to leave town too, but with DH’s aforementioned weekend work schedule, we’ll have to stick close to home at least until Monday.
  • We’re trying to squeeze in family pictures this week too (since E was not quite a year old in our previous ones.)  Our last attempt at scheduling failed as Baby A was feverish and my friend who was going to take them for us called to say two of her kids were sick that morning as well.
  • Until those turn out, here’s yet another picture of Baby A.  She’s getting fat:


  • Most of the hundreds of photos I’ve taken this year are some version of baby propped up on couch.  I need to get more creative with my camera.
  • Oh yeah, we got a new couch.

More later . . .


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  1. May 20, 2014 5:36 am

    I hope you get some well deserved rest soon. Beautiful photo!

  2. Linda permalink
    May 20, 2014 7:17 pm

    If all the Miss A propped-on-couch pictures are this cute, they are worth it!

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