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Fun here, fun there

June 3, 2014

We’re still plugging away at schoolwork, but just barely.  We’ll go for another week before calling this year done.  We’re in post-vacation letdown still and half of us didn’t even go on vacation!

A and C were lucky enough to Washington, D. C., over Memorial Day weekend.  Poppa’s choir was taking part in a choral festival there and Grandma and Poppa graciously invited A and C to come along with them.

A sidenote on my 21st-century children–we sent two one-time-use cameras with them for when they weren’t with Grandma and Poppa and A thought they were the biggest pain ever!  “There were only 27 pictures and we used them all up too fast, and we couldn’t see what the  photos would look like, and we couldn’t take 59 shots to try to get a good one and . . . complain, complain, complain!”  And now it will cost about $12 bucks each to develop them into prints.  He’s determined to earn money to buy himself a decent digital camera now.  Apparently we were so deprived back in the olden days before digital cameras!  When we finally get them developed, I’ll share some of their photos.

They saw lots in 5 days–Mt. Vernon, Arlington Cemetery, the Lincoln, Jefferson, Washington, Iwo Jima, WWII Memorials, the Vietnam Wall, Air and Space Museum, American history museum, and I’m not sure how many other Smithsonians.  While the choir was in rehearsal, three husbands of choir members shepherded the boys around and I think made friends for life.  C is still laughing about the funny things Nolan said and Ron did, and how they lost Byron one day.  They had a great experience and from what I hear, got a lot of exercise!

I was worried about D being left behind, but he seemed ok with it.  He likes being the big brother for a change and was excited for them to go, at least until we dropped them off at the airport and saw everybody else coming in with their luggage and excitement for whatever trip they were going on.  It’s contagious, but then we had to say goodbye to the boys and turn around and go back to our car.  I could tell D was about ready to cry, so I said, “Let’s go out to breakfast!”  So we did– Nauvoo Cafe for omelets on a bun.  Then we headed to Grandma’s house for cello lessons and Daddy got to come along and took D, E, and Baby A to the park.  Then we stopped for pizza on the way home.

And so it continued.  I had really wanted to go out of town ourselves, but with DH’s working all weekend, it just wasn’t feasible.  But I was determined to have as much fun as possible while the other two were gone.  I’m sure we could have done more, but we got donuts for breakfast on Friday and then went to our homeschool park day after taking Baby A to the doctor for her 4-month check-up.  We had D’s favorite tacos for dinner that night and watched Cars 2 and some Clone Wars for movie night after DH went to work.  On Saturday we went to the natural history museum:


D in a dinosaur footprint



That was a chore!  It was really busy and E did not want to stay with me, and maneuvering the double stroller through lots of people was not fun.  But D had fun!  And that was what mattered most.

Sunday was a little crazy as I was in charge of Primary at church because everyone else was out of town for the weekend.  Luckily we had teachers show up and a sub for the music because we had about nine children visiting for a baby blessing which doubled our Primary that day.  Then E was ornery after Primary, Baby A needed to nurse, I lost my church keys and just about had my own meltdown trying to find them and juggle children as the next ward was trying to get their Primary started.  But we survived and mostly rested for the rest of the day.

Baby A is singing, maybe?


Monday–yay, DH has a day off finally!  Because we’d gone to the natural history museum on Saturday, I saw signs for a Memorial Day service at the Fort Douglas cemetery on Monday morning, so we got up and went to it with DH.  Then we took the boys to see a movie about lemurs at the planetarium.  Their 3D wasn’t working in the IMAX theater, so it was just a normal film, but that was actually better since E never leaves the 3D glasses on anyway.  Then we had lunch at Red Lobster (DH’s choice) and headed to the Park City outlets (my choice) to shop for clothes which is always frustrating for me and incredibly boring for the boys.  But we got Baby A some summer jammies and a sunhat which she desperately needed plus a few other fun things.  I wasn’t so lucky.  I hate shopping for clothes for myself.

On our way back down the canyon and right after discussing that we were sick of eating out and what in the world were we going to do for dinner, a friend called to invite us to a barbecue in her backyard.  We were so grateful!

Then we went back to the airport to pick up the boys after their whirlwind weekend in Washington!  D also recognized Elder Holland at baggage claim.  C and A were so excited to see . . . Baby A of course!  “We missed her, and she’s so cute, and she’s grown, and isn’t she bigger? and oh look, she smiled at me!”  The rest of us were kind of an afterthought, but it was fun to see.  It was good to be back together again.

The next day Poppa called to see how his little travellers were doing and what time they woke up.  I had to say I didn’t know.  Baby A slept through til 6:30, and I was still so exhausted (she’s been doing 4:30 a.m. lately) that I went back to sleep with her after she ate, turned off my alarm, and didn’t get up until 9:45ish, at which point the boys were all already up.  We read scriptures together and talked through some of their schoolwork and what needs to happen as well as what summer school will probably look like, then called it a day and watched the season finale of Granite Flats that they missed Sunday night.  Not a bad way to ease back into school after a vacation.

I have lots on my mind regarding this school year and many of my plans and wishes that just didn’t turn out quite how I would have wanted. We really do need to do some summer school, but what can I say.  Babies have a way of taking precedence over many other things and this one has completely stolen our hearts and minds lately!  We love Little Sister!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA There’s that gummy smile!

It makes everything worth it!


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  1. Judi permalink
    June 8, 2014 9:24 pm

    Loved reading about your weekend. You fit a lot in! Is your house still for sale? Baby A is so so cute! Would love to have you visit if you come this way!
    Judi 🙂

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