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5 months old!

June 29, 2014

Time is a-flying!  Baby A is 5 months old already.

Technically 5 months and 9 days now–I’m catching up on blogging tonight!



A few weeks ago we realized her left tear duct was no longer plugged, so yay, no more crusty eyelashes!  I’m so glad; it took E’s eight months to clear up.


She rolled over several times right around 4 months, but has hardly done it since.  It’s like she checked that box off and is on to bigger and better things.  Although if her brothers would leave her on the floor and quit picking her up, she might have more chances to practice rolling.  They just can’t leave her alone, but it’s a good thing.  There’s a lot of love here.


But what she really wants to do is crawl.  When she’s on her tummy, she moves her arms and legs furiously like she’s swimming and actually is starting to propel herself forward a bit by pushing with her toes.  Life is too interesting to spend lying around!

She’s getting more and more interested in my silverware and any and all food too, but life gets more complicated when we have to start carrying baby food around with us so I’m waiting a few more weeks to get her into solids.  She’s gaining weight fabulously with her breastmilk-only diet as it is.  E always says, “Look at those ‘hunky highs’.” (chunky thighs!)  They are pretty chunky, for one of my babies anyway.  

And she is one of the happiest babies I know.  She’s a little hesitant with strangers, but she has these fabulously huge gummy grins for those people she sees on a daily basis and is a fairly content and happy little person most of the time.  We sure love her!


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