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To Idaho

June 29, 2014

When travelling with baby, one should stay at least a week.  It really wouldn’t take any more effort than just going overnight.  Unfortunately we seem to be doomed to just overnight stays this summer.

So we went to Idaho this weekend.  We left Friday and came home late last night because DH had to work today.  He barely got someone to cover his Saturday shifts and didn’t even know if he could go with us until Friday morning, but I was glad; I really didn’t want to drive by myself.

We were celebrating my grandma’s 85th birthday, which was technically in February.  I guess nobody wanted to party in Idaho in February so we had the party now.  It was beautiful weather though and it was good to get away even if only overnight.  I need to hand off the camera more often, because with my arms often full of baby I’m just not taking very many pictures.  But I caught a few good ones, including these clouds reflecting the sunset Friday night.  I love clouds, especially pretty pink ones at sunset.


We went swimming at the hotel with Grandma and Poppa.  I was very happy to finally get E in a swimsuit.  He has never really wanted to go swimming with us anywhere. Every time I ask him if he wants to take swimming lessons, he says, “When I’m older.”  Well, this year he’s older so I just signed him up for beginning lessons next month.   Seeing how he had a lot of fun at the hotel, maybe it won’t be a huge struggle to get him to go again.


The other boys all had a great time in the pool with Daddy and Poppa.  After Little A’s nap, we even ventured down to the pool, but the pool was too cold and the hot tub was too hot, so we just dipped our toes in the water.


Besides swimming and going out to eat with Grandma and Poppa, we mostly hung out at Great-grandma’s house.  Some of the cousins introduced A and C to the wonderful world of Minecraft on the computer which I’m sure they’ll start begging for here soon.  I’m still debating if we want to get ourselves involved in that!


Yesterday was the party we came for.  I hope someone else got some good photos, preferably one where we’re all looking at the same camera at the same time.  But if not, at least we got some four-generation pictures while there are still four generations to get together.


Just the girls:


After the party and a nap, we roasted hot dogs and smores in Grandma’s backyard before coming back home.  Actually first we said good-bye to D as we sent him home with Grandma and Poppa to stay for a few days all by himself.

When we got home, we discovered the outlet our fridge and oven were both plugged into had tripped itself off sometime yesterday.  At first I thought the fridge, that we just bought, had died, but thank goodness it was just the outlet.  Our old fridge is out in the garage and I thought I might have to spend a few hours transferring food out there from the house.  (Can I just say I love being able to buy more than two gallons of milk at a time and having somewhere to store it?!) As it was I lost the popsicles and most of the frozen fruit I just  put in there last week, but the rest of the meat was packed tightly enough that it hadn’t begun to thaw yet.  Thank goodness!!!  I was tired enough today to not have to deal with salvaging any (not)frozen goods.



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