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July 7, 2014

Wednesday morning I was awakened by DH saying he was running to Walmart to buy new white dress shirts for the boys because the entire load of whites I’d washed Tuesday night came out of the dryer with brown spots all over them and we had a wedding to attend.

I just bought them all new white shirts. Bleh!

Luckily C’s and D’s shirts hadn’t made it into that batch because DH couldn’t find a single shirt at Walmart.  We have a multitude of white (well, more like dingy white-ish) shirts in the closet from sizes 2-14 so I scrounged up something for A and E to wear for the wedding, although since it was almost 100 degrees that day, A really wished his shirt had been short-sleeved.

At first DH thought a chocolate somehow got in with the laundry, but after running the washer through a cycle with just bleach water and having more stains show up inside the washer, we figured it was leaking oil from the inside.  Considering that we’ve had our washer/dryer for at least 9 years and they were not quite the cheapest of the cheap but almost, DH didn’t think it was worth it to try to repair the washer.  We figured we have definitely gotten our money’s worth out of them and it was time to say good-bye.

So Thursday he got off work early and went out hunting for a new (but used) washer/dryer set.

Now to explain our laundry–

When we first moved into this house, the washer was in a very small room off the bathroom, and the dryer lived in the kitchen.  That got old in a hurry and when one of them died, we jumped at the chance to have a new setup and put both washer and dryer in the bathroom.  Of course it involved taking out all the shelving next to the washer which left me with no bathroom storage at all (which I’ve hated) and it also involved knocking out the opposite wall and installing a fold-out door next to the basement stairs through which the very narrow washer and dryer had to be inserted.  We wanted a stackable set then, but couldn’t find one we could afford.

In retrospect, maybe we should have done a little more wall demolition remodelling at the time, because this Friday, while contemplating the stackable frontloader set he had purchased on Thursday, DH realized there was no way they would work because they were simply too deep.  We could get them into the laundry room but then there was no room to open the doors so we could actually use them.  The room was simply too small.  Luckily the guy from the used appliance shop called us on Friday morning to apologize because he had forgotten it was the 4th of July and we’d have to wait until Saturday to pick up our appliances, so it gave us time to come up with plan B.

So besides cleaning out the laundry room, (Where does all this junk come from?  Was it really hiding in there? Why does my bathroom now look like a hurricane went through? not to mention the entire load of spotted whites I still need to deal with . . .) we spent the 4th of July researching other brands of washer/dryers.  Saturday morning (which YAY!!! DH is no longer working!) he came back with an Asko brand set which if it’s centered just right, can be opened through the doorway from the bathroom.

DH told me to read the manual while he went to the store for another part needed to hook up the water hose and . . . I think I’m not smart enough for this washing machine.  There are endless combinations of wash and prewash and extra rinse cycles and spin cycles at different speeds and since Asko is made in Sweden, all the directions mention kilograms and water temperatures in Celsius and I think I liked my old washer . . .  It was easy.  There were three choices: hot, warm, or cold, and three more choices: colored, whites, or delicates.

DH worked Saturday afternoon still and then came home and had to rewire the laundry room and get everything hooked up, but  finally, we managed to get a load of whites going about 12:15 last night (this morning?)(we were desperate!) although he had to set an alarm to get up at 3 a.m. to put them in the dryer before he had to get ready to go to work. (Alas, he still works all day Sunday.) Now I get to catch up on laundry this week.  It’s amazing what happens with seven people and no working laundry for five days!

So that’s the long story of why only Little Missy had clean red, white, and blue to wear for the Fourth.

Here’s another picture for your enjoyment.



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