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I’m ready for winter

August 5, 2014

Or maybe October.  At the earliest.

If another appliance goes, I will scream.

A month or so ago, we bought a new fridge.  We needed a new fridge.  Our old fridge was ancient; the door wasn’t really sealing shut anymore, and, well, it was time for something new and we had tax refund money sitting around.  Then the washer died and I’ve already shared that ordeal.  Then the fridge went out in our rental unit in Ogden. (Remind me again why we own a rental 45 minutes away?)  Then the freezer in the replacement quit working.  So another fridge for the rental, which was cheaper than the $700 repair job the guy quoted us.  Thank you, used appliance stores, or we’d be out a whole lot more money.

And then, after being gone to a party one Friday night, we came home, opened our front door, and instead of cool air, were met with what felt like a heat wave.  DH was at work, but brought home a new filter.  I turned everything off and on again several times.  I removed the paper that had been sucked up against one of the air intake vents and finally by Saturday afternoon, we were starting to feel something approaching cold air so DH put off the heating/cooling maintenance people until Monday.  I was ready to say don’t have them come at all; it was liveable, but the guy came out and oh, we were low on refrigerant!  He filled us back up, and wow!  Who knew what a difference that could make!

It’s about the same as feeling how cold our milk stays in a fridge that actually seals shut and refrigerates!  I like it.

I also like the cooling weather we’re having this week.  Rainy and breezy.  Maybe I’ll last until fall after all.

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  1. August 6, 2014 8:32 am

    I too can’t wait for cooler weather. It is so hot and dry here in CA. No rain for months and months. Thank goodness for A/C. It would be miserable without that very important appliance.

    I just hope with the cooler temperatures some rain comes our way or more importantly some snow in the mountains. I am tired of watching everyone’s lawns turn yellow and having to take 2 min showers. I guess we in CA should be used to drought. I am just tired and complaining 😦

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