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‘Wimming, swimming

August 6, 2014

I can’t find my camera so just imagine a photo of a cute little blond boy in a shark swimming suit.

Or as E calls it, “my ‘wimming huit.”

E and D just finished up a session of swim lessons.  Really A and C need more lessons, in my opinion, but their next level must not be in high demand because it’s only taught one time period per session instead of three, and it’s always completely full by the time I remember to register.  They’ve been swimming quite a bit in a friend’s pool this summer though and have both passed off their swim check for scouts, which was the main goal.  Actually all three older boys and DH along with their friend and his dad have been working out together most mornings since about April.

It began as a 30-day fitness goal, but they’ve continued and it’s been wonderful!  Since summer hit, they’ve alternated working out with swimming since E has a pool at his apartment complex that’s open for (quiet!) lap swimming in the early mornings.  Ofttimes they’ll go back later in the day when they can play more and make noise.

It’s not quite enough for D though, so I made sure to get him into some more lessons and I convinced E to join him!  Last summer I kept asking E if he wanted swim lessons but he always said, “When I’m older.”  This year I didn’t ask, I just signed him up.  After the first day, his teacher said he sure wasn’t very comfortable in the water.

I had to say that this was the first year he’s actually put on a swimsuit and gotten into a pool of his own accord. Last summer he resisted all attempts to get him to go swimming.  So in my eyes, he’s made progress!  I’ll confess, I don’t particularly like to get wet in swimming pools either.

With a new pair of water shoes, he slowly warmed up to lessons, except for the third day when he was fast asleep on the couch until 5 minutes before we had to leave.  I managed to get him dressed and in the car while he attempted to wake up, but he was super clingy that day. But the next Monday he was happy, got right in the pool, and played all the games with his class, and had a great rest of the week.  His teacher was so amazed!  At one point he had to jump into her arms and go under the water.  He still didn’t like that, so the second time around she didn’t dunk him; she just brought him in the water up to his chin and he immediately said, “Oh, well that wasn’t so bad!”

He’s ready to go again, but I missed the registration for the last session this summer.  It’s an indoor pool though so they continue lessons throughout the fall and winter.  (I gave up on the Liberty Park outdoor pool lessons after the boys got the teacher who never wanted to get in the water with the kids she was supposedly teaching how to swim.)  Evening swim lessons conflict with all the other nightly activities we’ve got going so I’ll have to see what I can work out.  Progress is being made though!


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  1. August 6, 2014 8:26 am

    I always seem to miss registering my kids for swim lessons too. By the time I remember they classes are all full. But Ian passed off his Aquanaut with no trouble at scout camp and Henry was able to pass the swim test and earn the swimming belt loop so I guess I don’t need to worry about them. It is Molly I worry the most about. She has no fear of the water and jumps in often forgetting her float vest. She took one week of lessons last summer and has had a bunch of swim time in pools of friends and family. I guess that will have to do until I can get my act together enough to sign her up in time for lessons.

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