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“Take me out to the ballgame”

August 11, 2014

I love it when it’s 11 p.m. and the house is quiet, except for the 4-year-old who can’t go to sleep because he took a very very long nap this afternoon because he was up very very late last night.  And since he can’t go to sleep, neither can I!

I think it was worth it though; we had a lot of fun at the Bees game!


A little background on our lives right now:  DH has been working anywhere from 60-75 hours a week since about the end of April.  He has his day job, then he has his weekend job.  The day job is crazy at the moment as he is now in charge of teaching some training classes and he’s starting with the graveyard shift people.  So Monday and Tuesday are normal days then Wednesday and Thursday he works through the night doing classes.  Sleep is optional.

Then on his weekend job (which started out as a way to make a few extra $$)(emphasis on few!) he’s been covering shifts for about three other people who have been out with various injuries including the same shoulder surgery that he had last year. I guess he felt he owed it to them since they covered for him while he spent 6 months healing.  So instead of just working Friday night and Saturday afternoon, he’s been working Friday nights, Saturday all day, and Sunday all day and sometimes evenings.  He’s hardly had a day off in months!

But as of today, he has Sunday mornings free again (and it was so nice to sit with my husband in church today!) and Saturday mornings will be free from now on too.  His boss there has realized that he’s put in a lot of extra hours this summer and so he told him to go home Saturday at 4:00 and oh, here’s 10 tickets in the corporate suite for the Bees game against El Paso.  Go spend some time with your family!  To say we’re not into sports at this house is an understatement, but the boys were all excited to go.  I was even excited to go!  DH was surprised at this, but free tickets?  Family togetherness?  I’m there!!


Little A wore her bee outfit.  Fitting, no?

Fuzzy baby; one day I’ll find my good camera instead of relying on the iphone photos.


Little A did remarkably well considering we were there until after 10:30.  She got passed from brother to brother and was inside then outside then back inside and took a little nap at one point in my arms.

The boys had a great time too, even though the Bees lost.  I can’t explain baseball too well, but they all know how to play kickball and it’s kind of the same.  But kind of not.   They mostly followed along and had fun.  And there were fireworks after.  Even Baby A liked those, although I was glad she was able to go back into the suite.  They were really loud.  (We can hear them sometimes from our house.  I’d hate to live right by the ballfield and have to listen to them every game night!)  DH said Baby A was really excited to watch them, but then would get overstimulated and have to turn away from the window for a few moments.  But then she’d calm down and turn right back around again to see more.


I think all the boys want to come back to another game, although we won’t have this good of a view next time!
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  1. August 11, 2014 7:19 am

    We aren’t big sports fans here either but do enjoy going to a game now and again. We usually go at least once to a minor league game each Summer. A fireworks show at the end might actually keep us there until the end. We usually leave after the 7th inning stretch.

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