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17 years!

August 18, 2014

Happy Anniversary to us–

I can get away with sharing this picture of DH on the blog since it only shows the back of his head!  And this is still the only wedding photo I have digitized.   Every August I say I’m going to continue that little project . . .

We were trying to remember what we did last year for our anniversary.  All we could come up with was going out to lunch at Red Lobster where I ate the salad that made me sick for the rest of the day.  And due to that morning sickness, I just wasn’t up to doing much else.  I think I took a good nap.

This year we had to work around a nursing baby, but we had a good day.  We got up early and were able to squeeze in a session at the Salt Lake Temple.  Now that Baby A is eating real food, I thought we could probably leave her with the boys for a couple of hours.  I was just worried about naptime.  She’s a total Mommy’s girl lately and hates to be put down by anybody else.  But she obliged us by waking up really early Friday morning and was ready to go down for a nap before we left for the temple, so the boys lucked out for the first hour and a half that we were gone.

I was starving after the temple, but we thought we should probably look in on the little one before going out to lunch so we headed home to nurse her.  Then on our way to lunch, DH got a call from work about something apparently only he could solve and after he couldn’t solve it from his phone and/or ipad in the promised 2 minutes, I ended up sitting in his parking lot at work while he fixed whatever it was from another computer.  This cut into our lunch time due to our next obligation, but we managed to enjoy a great meal at the Lion House Pantry, which we chose mainly for the dessert selection!  DH had salmon, and I had prime rib and then a fabulous slice of lemon cream pie.  I don’t do meringue, but I love lemon pie otherwise.

We forgot to get a parking validation, but they surprisingly had the gate up with a “Have a nice day” sign and we didn’t have to pay for parking at all.  So nice!  We rushed home to get everyone ready to go out the door to the Ogden temple open house, and then sat in stalled traffic on the freeway for quite some time.  Eventually we made it there and took a walk through.  The boys enjoyed it, although E was seriously perturbed about the plastic booties they made us wear over our shoes.  Every time I asked him a question, he’d respond with, “Why do we have to wear these?”  He really doesn’t like the unexpected.  Somehow we should probably work on that.


The temple was beautiful, especially with the rose motif throughout.  D and E said they liked the baptismal font best, while A and C both liked the celestial room.  Here’s a good link to a video and a photo gallery of the inside.

Afterwards we went for ice cream.  I’m sure Farr Better Ice Cream is loving their convenient location right across the street from the temple grounds in this hot weather!  So many people had the same idea we did.  The boys still thought we needed dinner after that, so we ended up at Five Guys for burgers on our way home.  It was Friday night, which the boys think should always be movie night, so we set them up in the living room with something or other (?) while DH and I watched Poirot in our room on the computer while I nursed Baby A for bed.  I don’t remember much of the movie’s middle, so I’m pretty sure I had a little nap in there too.  A Long day, but a good one!  Here’s looking at 17 more years together.





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