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Shakespeare 2014

August 29, 2014

Some day we’ll go on vacation for longer than just overnight!  And DH’s boss forgot he was even off Monday.  There was a crisis at work with the electricity in one of the buildings and DH got phone call after phone call after text message all morning long.  I was answering his texts for him as we drove down I-15 until his boss finally asked where he was at and he said, “About 30 miles outside of Beaver.”  Nothing like solving crises from 200 miles down the road.  Everyone just thought he was out and about handling everything and eventually they’d see him in the office.  Eventually–like Wednesday!  Our drive was a lot quieter after that.

So we made a quick trip to the Utah Shakespeare Festival in Cedar City.  We even saw some Shakespeare this year.  Well, the boys and DH did.  They went to The Comedy of Errors in the outdoor theater.


I went all by myself to see the world premiere of Sense and Sensibility.  First though, we had to see how many times we could stop during the 2.5 hour drive. Between a nursing baby and a 4-year-old, it was a lot longer than 2.5 hours.  We even slept at Grandma’s house Sunday night to cut an hour off our Monday drive because I knew it wouldn’t be quick!  Other than needing to stop, the boys and the baby actually did pretty well in the car, and we made it in time to have lunch and nurse the baby (again!) before my 2 p.m. play.  Although E was miffed because he left his water bottle in Beaver.

And the play was wonderful.  I could tell that half of the people sitting around me didn’t know the story at all due to their gasps of surprise at certain revelations.  And Charlotte Palmer is my new favorite character.  She was so hilarious!  I love how certain lines from the book or movie adaptations aren’t all that funny until they’re delivered in a different way.  I really enjoyed it.


While I was in the play, the boys shopped at the gift shop, played at the park, checked into our hotel, and went swimming.  After they picked me up, we had dinner, then went back for the greenshow before the evening performance so E would feel like he got to see something on this trip.  It was Irish night with Irish music, dancing, and  bad jokes.  The boys played tag on the lawn beforehand to run off some energy.


And of course we had to enjoy some tarts.


Little A really enjoyed trying to eat the grass.  She was actually a good little traveller on this trip.  She’s such a mellow little soul.


Then we traded kids.  The three older boys stayed for the play while E and Little A went back to the hotel room with me, where E watched movies on Netflix while I put Little A down to bed.  He went to bed probably three times, but after about five minutes, he’d climb back out and come snuggle up to me on the couch again.

Tuesday morning after breakfast we drove home again. And can I just say that breakfast being included at the hotel is one of the best deals ever when you have six people to feed!  (Especially if one of those seven is a growing 13-year-old who we like to call “Hollow Leg.”)  It was kind of fun to go on vacation on the day everyone else was starting school.  If only it could have been longer!  But A had a youth activity Tuesday night and my orchestra started rehearsals for the year, and we were probably lucky to get away at all.  Hopefully, DH’s work craziness will calm down here in a while. We will have one more overnighter at Grandma’s house for Labor Day; then we will start school on Tuesday.

And with that, summer is gone.

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