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First Day of School

September 3, 2014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA day-in-the-life post just to show off the current craziness–

5:42  DH brings Baby A in to me.  I’d really love to start seeing 6:00 or later wakeup times again, Missy.  I feed her on and off for the next hour and a half.  She never really goes back to sleep, hence neither do I.  Plus she’s wiggly in my bed.

7:30ish  C, then D, comes in to find the baby and make her giggle.  I send her out with D so I can pray.  Must not begin this day without prayer!

7:50  Once DH is out of the shower, I get in. C is up and dressed and starts making french toast for breakfast.  A sets the table.


8:10  Just when everyone’s about trained to get dressed before breakfast, I stop them because I don’t want syrup spilled on their new shirts before pictures.

8:20  Daddy’s trying to eat fast and A’s trying to make more syrup, but we can’t find the mapleine to make more.  Jam.  Why can’t we have jam on french toast this morning?

8:35  I’m feeding Baby her cereal, everyone else is feeding themselves.  E is finally up and joining us.  DH finds me the insulated copper wire A needs for science today.

9:00 Suddenly it’s 9:00 and I hurry everyone along to finish up breakfast and wash their dishes.

9:15ish  We’re dressed and taking pictures in the music room.  E doesn’t want his own personal picture until I ask him to show us his new Five in a Row book.  Looking back at first day pictures, everyone always seems to be wearing a striped shirt and it’s become somewhat of a joke.  So this year I deliberately bought them all a striped shirt and even found a (partially) striped dress for Little A as well.

9:30  Little A is being extremely cute and we take many more pictures of her.



9:35  Trying to start typing this post and cannot get on the internet, so decide we’d better get on with school, even though I feel woefully unprepared.  We begin our intro to the Doctrine and Covenants, our family scripture study for the year and introduce our first memory verse: Look unto me in every thought; doubt not, fear not.  Decide maybe this should be our theme for the year.

10:10  Baby A needs a nap, everyone else begins personal scripture study for 15 minutes and I even realize I can read the Book of Mormon on my phone while I’m helping her go down.

10:30 We’re experimenting with doing together subjects in the morning and individual subjects after lunch.  So I hand out maps, map instructions, timelines and timeline pictures, then read in Story of the World about Queen Victoria and about the Great Exhibition of 1851 in a book about London.

11:10 Science, which was crazy!  I was trying to read with C and D.  A kept coming out with questions, and E interrupted us all about 37 times.

11:40 Little A was back up and needing to be nursed, which I did while C and D played “I Spy” and we talked about matter, mass, and volume.  I doubt they’ll remember it tomorrow, but I got some narrations from D before A wanted me to look at his science experiment which involved two copper wires attached to a battery with the other ends in a glass of water.


12:15 I had sent the boys out for lunch after A cleaned up his experiment, but they had all wandered elsewhere, so I wrangled them back to the kitchen to heat up leftover pizza while I fed Little A some applesauce and cereal.  DH came home for lunch and it was nonstop chit-chat.  With boys who are “always hungry,” it’s amazing the number of times I have to tell them to stop talking and start eating.

12:35 Turned on some Mozart for a moment of calm (which I did get, but only a moment.) Everyone else was still talking and laughing and it was just one more thing.  So I turned it off after a while.

12:52  Finally put some pizza in the microwave for myself.

1:06 Cleaned off Baby A and got the boys out the door to go walk the dog. No dawdling!  If we take the amount of time for lunch and the dog that we’ve been doing the entire summer, it will kill the rest of school in the afternoon.

1:07 Sat down to do FIAR with E: we read The Story about Ping and looked up China on the map (I really need to buy a new world globe!) then he traced the Yangtze River in yellow on his map and colored a Chinese flag.  Sort of.  He was happy with it.

1:30ish  The older boys are back and sit down to cursive, math, spelling, and Latin.  D learns about decimals for the first time and starts his new spelling book.  It goes well.  I am encouraged.  C gets distracted and reads a science book and I have to redirect him.  A really wants to share his math lesson with everyone, but I tell him to read it silently instead.  E works on his letter and tracing Kumon workbooks.  He really needs a table his size, but our little table has a broken leg right now and needs to be fixed.

2:00 Little A lets me know in no uncertain terms that she is starving and must nurse now.  Everyone else keeps working.

2:48 D is beginning Latina Christiana with a video lesson, which apparently requires a butterfly net?


A begins Writing with Skill 2, and C is reviewing his logic workbook and Latin flashcards from what he did over the summer (which wasn’t much, but it’s a starting point.)  E has given up after asking me a dozen times if he can watch a movie and is playing on the floor with Little A.


Between 3:00 and 4:00 I am trying to access the internet, which apparently hates me today, although A is online and indexing a batch of names on Dad’s computer. So apparently it’s only me.  The boys are finishing up their written work and taking turns doing piano practice.  Does it really take this long to finish??  It feels like there is no time to do anything extra or no time to just . . . be.  But we’re getting back into our routines, E is playing nicely, and Little A is having a great time when I realize she probably needs another nap.  She’s been so good today rolling around and staying entertained and not being fussy.  I remember E at that age liking school because we were all there together instead of scattered about as during the summer days.


4:10 I put her down for a nap and realize a) the living room is a disaster area; b) DH has not come home to take my van to go pick up my dryer which has been at the repair shop for two weeks now; and c) I really really need to go grocery shopping and don’t have a clue what to make for dinner.

E wants to run errands with me so we go out to buy a package of cardstock and then to Smith’s for some food.

5:05 We’re back home, DH is home and no, my dryer is not ready today but will be tomorrow morning, and everyone else is watching C who is trying to figure out how to build the Crystal Palace in Minecraft to show at our homeschool history club.

Little A is still asleep, and as much as I hate waking a sleeping baby, I have to nurse her, make dinner, eat dinner, and get out the door to orchestra.  Oh, and possibly nurse her again just to be sure she’ll make it through bedtime while I’m gone. So DH gets her up so I can feed her before starting dinner.  DH wants to know if I need him or if he can go pick up dry cleaning.  I tell him to go, but by the time he’s back I’m a little frazzled, but dinner is on the table and I can eat fast, and A has fed Little A for me.

Minecraft is terribly fascinating:


6:30 DH drives me to rehearsal with Little A who, after a dinner of yogurt and sweet potato, does not want to nurse again.  She’s also completely distracted by all the cars and different sights in the parking lot at Gardner Hall.  So I wish DH good luck with her and go into rehearsal.  I guess she can manage a night without the bath/pjs/nursing routine.

7-9:30 Bernstein and Shostakovich

9:30 DH picks me up, tells me how Little A went to bed in about 30 seconds (we must really have worn her out today!) and also tells me he let the boys watch a movie since scouts got cancelled, so they’re all still up when I get home.  We need to get back in the habit of going to bed on time again so we can get up in the morning and do it all over again!  But then we homeschool, so we do have some freedom in the mornings and know we don’t have to be at the bus stop at 7:10 a.m. sharp, rain or shine, snow or sleet, in the darkness of cold winter!  And thank goodness!  Crazy as our life is, I’ll take it over the alternative, any day!

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  1. Mama Rachel permalink
    September 7, 2014 9:00 pm

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your first day. What a wonderful idea! I am constantly in awe of how much you get done. You inspire me!!! 🙂

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