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Weekly Report #1

September 8, 2014

Although I think I’ll strive for monthly reports from here on out.  But then DH works every Friday night so you’d think I could crank out a weekly blog post while he’s gone along with my usual paying the bills, updating the budget, and laundry.  Such a glamorous life . . .

I’m not even sure we could call this a week of school.  Two days’ worth, maybe.  So we started back into our school routine on Tuesday and promptly remembered why I don’t like starting the day after Labor Day.  We’re always out of town on Labor Day, so I came home and tried to get my brain back into school mode to remember everything I still needed to get ready for the next day.  (DH gave us each a blessing though to begin the year with before we went to bed Monday night which was a nice beginning.)  After a long first day of school, I had to go to orchestra rehearsal Tuesday night and get my mushy brain to concentrate on music for 2 1/2 hours.  After not practicing much over the summer, I might add.

Wednesday was a full day again with school, taking dinner to a neighbor who had surgery, and having the missionaries over to get to know us.  Then we were back at Grandma’s house for cello lessons on Thursday.  The boys managed an hour or so of bookwork before we left, but other than that Thursdays mostly consist of piano lessons with Poppa and listening to our book on cd in the car.  This week we also went swimming with Grandma and Poppa at an end of summer pool party.  The weather was cooler which actually made the water feel a lot warmer and everybody had a great time.  Little A especially loved sitting in the water and kicked and splashed nonstop.  I wish I’d taken pictures.

Swimming must have worn us out because we sure had a hard time getting going Friday morning.  We had time for breakfast before needing to leave for our homeschool park day, during which I had to leave to drive E to his first Kindermusik class.  Then back to the park, then back to pick him up, then back to the park . . . we planned this particular park with that in mind since it was only a few blocks away, but still.  After lunch and dog walking, I must have been looking particularly worn out because DH suggested I take a nap and I actually did.  For two and a half hours!  I think fall allergies are upon me.  I think A did math while I was down, but C had scouts at 2:30 and didn’t do any more work, and thus I can see that Fridays are going to be a challenge.  Luckily park days are every other week and will only go through October, if that.

Yesterday we went to a cousin’s baptism and her little sister’s baby blessing before having a Stake Conference meeting at the church where Little A discovered her screaming voice and I spent a good portion of the meeting in the “quiet” room.  We left her with her brothers after that and DH and I went on a rare date for dinner.

Today we had Regional Conference in the Conference Center with Elder Hales and Elder Oaks.  DH had to leave to go to work half way through it so I was on squirmy baby duty and thus didn’t hear as much as I would have liked.  I think it’s important to go anyway, even when I know I will miss some of what is said.  E also had a hard time sitting still, but we survived, and we got to see Arnold Friberg’s Book of Mormon paintings on the way out.  I realized E does not know nearly enough Book of Mormon stories so maybe we’ll start adding those in to our Family Home Evenings.

And school–I was talking about school, wasn’t I?

There’s not much to report yet.  The boys are getting used to their new science books and the workload involved.  I think I will like Apples and Pears spelling, but I’m not so sure about the boys!  More writing is involved, but then that’s .  A and C continued on in their Latin books.  A is doing fine but C needs some serious review on the tenses and which ones use which helping verbs.  I need to help him study and teach him how to study better for the quizzes. Even though D didn’t finish Prima Latina, he opted to begin Latina Christiana instead as it covers all the same vocabulary words.  I think a step up will be good for him.  He needs a little more challenge in his life, and he likes being able to do the dvd lessons all on his own.

Math went well for everybody.  C and D began their new books.  A is juggling the end of Life of Fred Pre-Algebra with his new Dolciani Algebra book and I still need to check up on what he did Friday.  He also began Writing with Skill 2.  C did an outline from Story of the World for writing and I’m still (yes, still) debating on a writing program for D.

We read the first section of Story of the World about Queen Victoria and the Great Exhibition in the Crystal Palace for history.  We have an exhibition planned for history club next week so we’ll be busy pulling things together for that.  We need to add grammar into our week this week and figure out the best time to do Five in a Row with E.  It was a little hit and miss, but then the entire week was hit and miss.  I’m looking forward to a more normal week ahead!

Here are a few pictures from our week:

E gluing his China flag to a notebook page:


A science experiment that didn’t quite work out.  Anyone know where I can buy clear *non-bendy* straws?



After conference today, downtown:


A missionary couple offered to take the same picture with me in it this time, cut E did not want his picture taken again.  He’s hiding quite effectively in this next shot:



Again, no E!


And that’s all!  Hopefully this week will be a little calmer, but somehow I know it won’t be!

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