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Halloween 2014

November 7, 2014

November 6 and I’m finally posting Halloween pictures.  Sounds about right; I feel like I’m about a week behind in everything!  I’ve also been hunting for the right cord to enable me to download photos from my phone to my computer.  Not that I took a lot of photos this year. . .

Originally everyone wanted to do Lord of the Rings costumes.  Thankfully a few changed their minds.  I always think I will have so much time to think about Halloween costumes, but after being out of town, having a birthday, and the daily school/book club/cello lessons/meal preparation/laundry/you know, the daily grind, I honestly had about two days in which I could sit down to sew before a party a full week before Halloween.  The church trunk-or-treat was also early this year, but that was ok.  Costumes were done!  The actual week of Halloween was a little more relaxed than usual.


I don’t sew for children who don’t appreciate it, so for Little A, I headed to Kid-to-Kid to see what was on their racks.  The costumes were kind of picked over, but I found the cutest little lion jacket in her size for just a few dollars.  In Utah, it’s a good bet it will be cold on Halloween.  I spent many years trick-or-treating with a coat covering up my costume as a child, so now I see the wisdom in incorporating the coat into the costume!


I convinced A to dress as an African safari guide to go with her.

E is a minimalist when it comes to dressing up.  He wanted to be a Gondor soldier but just carry his plastic sword and shield.  I talked him into the breastplate as well, but that was as much costume as he’d go for.  And that was just fine by me.  I was the one who ended up carrying the sword anyhow.

D decided last minute to be a Hogwarts student from Harry Potter and I had a friend with a very nice cape that we borrowed one year for A as well.  I know we have a Gryffindor scarf, but I couldn’t find it, and with multiple Halloween activities over the course of a week, the fewer accessories to keep track of, the better (in my opinion.)

C never changes his mind and has wanted to be Aragorn since last Halloween so I promised him I would sew that one.  Somehow he always ends up with the complicated costumes.


I offered to do Aragorn’s stubble for him in makeup, but C decided he’d rather do the cleanshaven look.  So I guess this is Aragorn: the adolescent years. The combat boots really weren’t the right look, but by that point I didn’t care any more!  With no real pattern, but a lot of inspiration from Alley Cat Scratch’s Lord of the Rings costume pages, I had already sewn a red shirt, a Fellowship cape, and a lovely pleather jerkin for him.  DH directed me to Tandy leather goods on State Street for the lacing on the jerkin.

I have four of the Fellowship leaf clasps for capes.  I keep hoping one year I can convince them all to be hobbits.  Two of them, at least, are not hobbit-size any more!  A is as tall as I am now.  It’s finally happened.

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