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December 22, 2014

We had a musical sacrament meeting today.  Practically the entire S family participated.  I played “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel” on my cello with A accompanying.  A played “Hark the Herald Angels Sing” and C played “Silent Night” on the piano, and C, D, and E sang and played handbells with the Primary.  A also accompanied a male quartet on “O Holy Night.”  That accounted for 6 of the 10 musical numbers on the program!

We didn’t have the handbells there at the beginning of the meeting however, so the order of songs had to be rearranged and when the first counselor got up to announce the second half of the program, he announced C would be playing A’s song.  Both A and C looked at me questioningly.  I sent A up to play first and then had to figure out how and when to insert C back into the program.  It all worked out fine in the end, although I think it made C a little more nervous. He played very well though, especially for it being his first time playing in sacrament meeting, and Brother W apologized profusely for skipping him.

I think we’re all relieved that it’s over and done with and we can practice something else for a change.  Or in my case, get back to cleaning the house and not practicing period.  I have no more performances looming.  In fact I don’t think I technically need my cello until January 6.  It would probably be the perfect time to get my bow rehaired.  It has been years and it needs it so desperately.

One of these days I need to get a new bridge put on my cello as well.  My bridge is so warped and I’m afraid one day it will just pop off.  But the last time I had someone work on my cello, she thought it might need some adjustments to the bass bar and sound post inside the cello too which could involve taking the entire top off the cello. That sounds like major surgery to me and I have no idea what it would cost, nor how much time it would take.  That may have to wait.

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