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We’ve had one Christmas, yes–

December 27, 2014

But what about Second Christmas?

Now that I’m finally sitting down to blog, technically we’ve had Second Christmas too, on Dec. 25.

Nana came to visit from Ohio for ten days and we had “First” Christmas with her last Saturday before she went home.  As I’m terribly behind in blogging, I’m going to start with Second Christmas today and work backwards to the many adventures we had with Nana in a separate post.

It was Baby’s First Christmas, but with four older brothers, she was a little overwhelmed with all the flying wrapping paper and chaos that is Christmas morning at our house, and was just not that into it.  Here’s a representative picture: “I’m going to ignore that half-unwrapped package next to me and read this old board book instead.”


Here she has migrated to the music room.  To get away from the chaos?  Who knows.  E was very excited to open presents however, and is now the happy owner of a stuffed octopus.  A very large stuffed octopus.  IMG_3091I knew Little A wouldn’t be terribly thrilled about opening presents so I didn’t even wrap most of the clothes I bought her.  We did finally catch her attention with some new Baby Lit board books while we let her brothers take turns opening her presents for her.IMG_3096

Sadly my camera chose this week to die for good, so the iphone photos are the best I’ve got although I hardly even took any on Christmas day.  I do like this one of the tree on Christmas Eve.  IMG_3083
We’ve turned a corner on Christmas, I think.  There were a few years where practically everything was Thomas the Tank Engine.  Then it was Legos and Star Wars.  Now we have a teenager in the house and he’s been wanting an ipod, which Nana was generous enough to give him.  He also got a digital camera.  (Yay!  Just in time to be the official family photographer!)  His interests are getting more grown-up.  And his brothers are learning that bigger presents aren’t necessarily more exciting!  Although the octopus was pretty cool.

And because of his brothers, we still had plenty of Legos and Star Wars stuff, and even a Thomas the Tank Engine shirt for E.  Other hits here were a B-24 Liberator model kit (C), a car transporter (E), many good books (everybody), stuffed Winnie-the-Pooh (Little A), and a framed print of Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain and the 20th Maine on Little Round Top (DH).

We had dinner with Grandma and Poppa, then left the three big boys with them for two days to help rearrange the family room and the upstairs bedroom, moving furniture and “a whole lot of books!”  They also went to see Night at the Museum in the theater and I guess generally had a great time.  DH and I came home with just our two little ones and it was really strange!  It’s been over ten years since we just had two little ones to care for.

E really enjoyed being the big brother at home though and was quite entertaining.  Today he asked me if butterflies give us butter.  Yesterday as we were out running errands, he remembered it was Friday and asked if he had Kindermusik.  (Kims-her-musik as he calls it.)  When I told him no, it was Christmas break, he said, “Oh, so I get a day off!”

He and Little A were very excited to see their brothers come back this afternoon, but I definitely noticed an uptick in the household volume!  We had fun tonight learning to play some of the new games we got for Christmas.  Somehow we didn’t notice it was almost 9:30 and figured we’d better send them to bed.  Tomorrow’s our last day of 9 a.m. church!  In a lot of ways I’m excited, at least until we start going at 11 a.m. and then realize church coincides with the morning nap, a nursing or two, and lunchtime.  But maybe we’ll avoid what happened a few weeks ago: It was 8:45 and we were all rushing to get out the door when somebody finally asked, “Where’s E?”  He was still in bed, fast asleep.

And I’m starting to ramble, so I’ll end here, with a picture of all five I took at church last week.


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