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Nana’s visit, part 2

January 3, 2015

M is for MistletoeIMG_2944

E is for Elves



Grand America always has these really fun holiday window displays.  This year there was an alphabet card that you could fill out by looking through all the windows and then receive a cookie.  Another homeschool family invited us to go with them.  Of course none of us realized until we got there that you could only get a cookie between certain hours; we had just picked a time that was good for us to meet, but then no cookies.  The front desk clerk took pity on us however and scrounged up some chocolate chip cookies when we were finished.  Next time I’ll remember to read the schedule ahead of time.

However we did get to see this amazing gingerbread house that the bakers at Grand America conjured up.  It was practically life-size.  All the pictures I could post with  people in them came out blurry, but the two-story house is probably about 8 feet tall.

Here’s a look at the ingredients.  It was really amazing!

IMG_2942Rounding out our Christmas-y activities/photos–

Here’s Little A with her present at the family Christmas party.  She was entranced by the shiny bag, but didn’t quite realize there was still a present inside to find.  I just love this photo!

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