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When Nana came to visit we–

January 3, 2015
  • went to the natural history museum
  • went to the aquarium
  • hunted for the perfect Christmas tree
  • decorated the tree (in record time I might add)
  • saw the lights at Temple Square
  • ate at the Nauvoo Cafe (among other restaurants)
  • had dinner with Grandma and Poppa
  • went to Grandma J’s family Christmas party
  • went to the Utah Symphony children’s Christmas concert
  • got talked into watching Jurassic Park for movie night
  • went swimming at Nana’s hotel
  • saw the final Hobbit movie (DH and I one night as a much needed date, and DH, Nana, and the boys the next day while I stayed with E and Little A)
  • went to see the giant gingerbread house and the holiday alphabet window decorations at the Grand America hotel
  • and had a Christmas morning with Nana

Essentially, we were squeezing more fun into ten days than we’ve had in the past ten weeks!  I haven’t blogged about what we’ve been doing the past (well not quite) ten weeks, but we’ve been working quite hard (but not necessarily in school) and were in need of both a break and some holiday cheer.  Luckily DH had about three weeks of use or lose time he had to take off, so we got to have him along for every adventure.

Nana also went to Kindermusik with E, and everybody went for a drive up the canyons and ended up in Heber one day while I stayed home to practice for the benefit concert for the McKay-Dee Hospital Foundation that I was involved in.  (Which thankfully didn’t include a repeat of Little Bolero Boy, possibly the most annoying holiday/classical mash-up I’ve ever played in my life.) We also subjected Nana to much practicing of the holiday piano and cello music that we had to play in church the day after she left.

We took quite a few pictures too, but I think I’ll split them into a few different posts.

We waited until the 15th to get a Christmas tree and decided to be different this year and put it in the music room to save it from the almost-toddler who was just a little too interested in the shiny glass ornaments on Grandma’s tree.  We intended to shut the doors if she got a little too interested, but we didn’t have to very often.  Out of sight, out of mind, I guess.  She played happily in the living room and for the most part left the tree alone out in the music room.  She sure had fun with the beads while we were decorating though.



Nana was amazed at how fast we had the entire thing decorated.  I think we did set a record this year.


Little A has had a few moments of quick undecorating as well.


Temple Square was when my camera was on its way to dying, so this is what we’ve got–






Utah Symphony “Here Comes Santa Claus” concert:


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