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Nana’s visit, part 3

January 7, 2015

I think this is the end of my photos from December.

We spent one afternoon at the natural history museum and really enjoyed the special exhibit on the history of the horse.  The last time they had a special exhibit (on chocolate) we went to the museum and completely forgot to see it.  I forgot that the special exhibits are on a different side of the museum and not where you’ll just run into them.  I remembered as we were walking out to the car as the museum was closing and it was the last weekend of that particular exhibit too.  So we missed out on chocolate, but didn’t want to miss out on the horse.

We really ought to use our passes more often no matter what the exhibits are.  We’ve found that early afternoon is the perfect time to go.  The school groups are usually gone and any families with public schoolers aren’t there yet.  We practically had the museum to ourselves.


Yay, I’m riding a make-believe horse!


This picture cracks me up.

So does this one.  I have no idea what they both turned to look at right as I snapped it.  IMG_2955

The triceratops wall:


Putting together a t-rex skull puzzle:


Digging for dinosaur bones:



Little A being happy at getting to get down and climb around:IMG_2960

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