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January 12, 2015

E is now five!!  He didn’t want his picture taken for his birthday, but relented and gave me a smile while he was eating cereal.


Every time we asked him what he wanted to do for his birthday, he would get exasperated and say, “We’re going to church!”  Like of course we should have known that, being that his birthday was on a Sunday and all.  Finally we were able to convince him that we could do things on a different day for his birthday that we wouldn’t do on a Sunday. He wanted to go miniature golfing, but we’re still waiting on that as last Monday C and DH were throwing up and this weekend, E and Little A have both had hacking coughs, runny noses, and congestion.

Maybe this will be like that one year when we were trying to go out for DH’s birthday in February and every week without fail, on his day off someone was sick with something.  I think we finally went out in May.

So although we haven’t been golfing yet, I figured I’d better just blog about his actual birthday.

This kid is so particular and downright stubborn about things sometimes!  He definitely has his own ideas on how things should be done.  Sometimes life with him is exhausting.

Grandma and Poppa were up here the day before E’s birthday and we arranged to meet them at Great-grandma J’s house to visit and do presents.  But E said he didn’t want to open presents because it wasn’t actually his birthday.  When we got there however, he decided he would open presents after all.  But not the card, just the presents.  I opened the card.  It had a great sticker to wear that said, “I am five today!”  He said he wasn’t going to wear it.

He unwrapped what I knew were clothes inside of a box and didn’t want to open the box.  He unwrapped the box, ok? Why do we need to open the box too?  Eventually I opened the box  so everyone else could see what clothes he got, but he was adamant about not looking at them.  I also made a mental note not to wrap clothes (or anything else for that matter) inside of a box.  He did enjoy opening a book and a game.

He requested omelettes for breakfast on Sunday and forgetting completely that it was fast Sunday, we all had omelettes!  He had told me that he didn’t want to be sung to in Primary, but the other counselor was able to persuade him to come up to the front of the room once she pulled out the birthday basket that he could choose a present from.  He chose stickers.

After church I was going to make dinner, but then he decided he wanted presents first.  OK, let me go wrap the presents first.  He actually wanted to come wrap them with me, starting with the game Grandma and Poppa gave him the day before.  I drew the line right there.  You may not wrap your own presents and I won’t be wrapping anything you have previously unwrapped!  He also didn’t want anything wrapped in the polka dot paper.  But:


DH helped me with wrapping, and yes we did use the polka dot paper so we’d have enough paper after using the other on the present that was nearly as big as E.  We took a present from Nana out of a shipping box and DH said, “Why don’t we just use this box to wrap up his pants and sweater in?”  OK!  I completely forgot my mental note from the day before.  E wouldn’t open this box either after unwrapping.IMG_0099

But at least he was excited about a Lego excavator and the Shark Attack! playset he’s been wanting.


He wanted a rectangle cake.  No circles!  But my cake pan was still at the church from a funeral luncheon on Friday so he decided on cupcakes instead.  I made them the night before his birthday and when he got up in the morning, he said, “Oh good, chocolate!  That was just what I wanted.”  I’m really glad that he hadn’t changed his mind overnight!

And here he is, age five!  We’re so blessed to have such a quirky kid in our lives!


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