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The Glorious Flight

February 5, 2015


E (who, typically, was trying very hard to get out of the above picture) has been doing a Five in a Row unit on The Glorious Flight, which is about Louis Bleriot’s 1909 flight across the English Channel.  I promised him we would go to the Air Force Museum at Hill AFB for a field trip sometime, but due to recent episodes of un-fun life at the moment, I forgot all about it.

But on Saturday, which was the third Saturday in a row Daddy was working, I decided to chuck the rest of the cleaning and errands and head out somewhere fun for a change.  So we had an hour or two of airplanes.

A Douglas C-54 like the Candy Bomber flew (It has even been repainted to commemorate Gail Halvorsen’s “Little Vittles” flights.):


A Wright flyer up above, and a WWI-era plane down below.


I wish Hill had a Bleriot, but they don’t, so we’re looking forward to seeing one at Wright-Patt AFB if we can get out to visit Nana and Grandpa in Dayton, OH, sometime soon.




Little Miss A was very happy to get out and about.  Of course she’s pretty happy no matter what we do or where we go.  She’s just one happy kid!




It was a good day.


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