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February 11, 2015

My mom asked if we were getting lots of school done today.  I should have said yes, because we spent a good part of yesterday finishing up our bookclub book instead of the work I had scheduled. But in reality, I had a very hard time getting going today, although I think the boys did everything I had planned for them.  They worked hard.  Maybe they sucked away all of my energy.  Or maybe it was the toddler.  She’s full of energy and is on the move!  Of course she fell asleep at both breakfast and the lunch today, but when she wasn’t buckled in to her seat, she was go, go, go!

But somehow I was not.  And then I discovered a crayon had gone through the wash.  I caught it before it went into the dryer, but of course some clothes were still affected.  Mostly mine.  Sigh…

And then I discovered the ticket the van got from the parking meter lady for not having a current registration.  Someone’s dear husband registered the car, but forgot to put the new sticker on.  So ten days past the end of January, we got ticketed.  Another sigh…

But at least I got out of the house (by myself even!) to buy ink for the printer so I can catch up on all the printing I’ve been needing to do.  Then I didn’t even print anything tonight.  I didn’t do much of anything tonight!  It was just one of those blah days!  I can’t even blame it on the usual February weather.  (We’ve actually been having quite lovely weather.  It’s really weird, actually.  I’d think I’d prefer snow to 60s at this point in the year.)

As the boys pointed out, this week is rather busy and maybe just thinking about it is tiring.  Today was homeschool and scouts; Wednesday is homeschool and book club.  Thursday is Rootstech and then cello lessons.  Friday is Rootstech and movie night (and someone has to get E to Kindermusik), and then Saturday is Rootstech again.  So there’s my week in a nutshell.

And Rootstech doesn’t even look very exciting this year.  I missed Rootstech last year because Little A was just a few weeks old, but there’s hardly a single class I’m really looking forward to in this year’s sessions.  I hope something turns out to be inspirational.  I’ve hardly looked at our genealogy in months, but would like to get back into it.

Here are two funny things I can end with–

  1. E wanted to know if pineapples come from pine trees.  I love the logic of 5-year-olds.
  2. I just looked over the pictures A took today.  He took two photos of our science experiment (which was the intended subject) and about 17 of his little sister.


Tomorrow is another day, but let’s hope it’s a better one.

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