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8 years ago

February 28, 2015

I started blogging.

Technically, it was eight years ago yesterday.  I’m just keeping with the “fashionably late at posting everything” theme I have going right now on the blog.

Actually I did remember yesterday, but we were gone all day, and then WordPress didn’t want to work for me last night.  So I went to bed instead.

Aside from a few glitches here and then (and on the blog anniversary, how rude!) I’ve really enjoyed my time here with WordPress.  I know I say it every year, but I’ve been so pleasantly surprised by all the wonderful friends I’ve made through this thing called blogging, and I’m grateful for all those who stop by and share in our adventures.  Well, when we used to have adventures . . .

This is actually one of the first pictures of the three boys to show up on the blog, way back in 2007, from an adventure out to Antelope Island in the Great Salt Lake.


My, how they’ve grown!

Just to illustrate–


That’s about how all my pictures are turning out these days.  There’s always someone who doesn’t want to hold still for the camera!

We still have a few adventures here and there, but I just can’t seem to put them into words lately.  I used to write much shorter posts much more often.  I need to get back in the habit!

So to start, in honor of 8 years of blogging, here are 8 quick snapshots of us:

  1. My kitchen still smells fabulous: I made creamy roasted tomato basil soup tonight.  I haven’t experimented with a new recipe in ages and this one was so good.
  2. I’m so tired of washing fingerprints off of walls.  Nothing more to say there . . .
  3. I’ve actually been reading a lot lately.  And I will definitely post some book lists here soon.
  4. I knew this day would come: I’m spending my evenings doing algebra so I can keep ahead of A.  Thank you ACT score that got me out of math at BYU, but that makes it 25 years since I’ve taken an algebra class.  It’s coming back to me.  Mostly.  And it’s great fun!
  5. Speaking of fun, I neglected mentioning this on the blog, but last October marked 30 years of me playing the cello.  Wow!
  6. I feel like I should do a “speaking of school” post . . . we’re up to WWII in history and wondering what to do next year.  I feel like we’re at a huge crossroads right now with so many options to pick from.  I mentioned one to DH and he said, “That sounds good.  Do that.”  Which is not how I function at all. I need to write out every option, listing all the pros and cons of each, so I know what my decision will entail. DH says he always trusts me implicitly to make the best choices regarding the children’s school, but sometimes what I really want is someone else to sit and hash out all the details with me.  Any takers?  What are you doing for history next year?  Any major changes?
  7. And that’s just regarding history.  I recently read another blog post of a mom who has the entire first year of high school all planned out for her daughter.  My son will also be in 9th grade next year and am I that on top of things???  Not even close.  I’ve still got to survive this year.  Even thinking about next year is daunting.  I’ll have a high schooler, 7th grader, 5th grader, and a kindergartner.  Oh, and a two-year-old.  Oy.
  8. For now, Little A is still one, and terribly cute!  She weighed 17 lbs. 8 oz. at her well-child check, which put her in the bottom 10th percentile for growth.  That’s pretty normal for this household.  She’s very happy too . . . except for the one day I scheduled her to get her picture taken.  She was grumpy and didn’t want to hold still or smile one bit!  Of course, by the time we got home I noticed that she was feeling very warm and she actually ended up with a 101-degree fever by bedtime.  Just my luck!  Now she’s back to happy; maybe we’ll try pictures again another day.  I feel thwarted.


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  1. March 4, 2015 8:46 am

    Hard to believe 8 years has passed. I think I started reading your blog about that time. CRAZY!

    Planning High School is daunting. There is no one answer that seems to work for me. I know some of what we will be doing and think I have a plan but then wonder if it is too much for Sophie to handle. And too much for me to have to juggle along with the other kids’ school too.

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