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March 9, 2015


I picked up DH on my way home from Kindermusik with E so we could go to Costco together.  We also got gas and dropped by the Utah Symphony box office.  The three older boys went to walk the dog.  When we got home almost an hour later, they were all outside.  Or should I say still outside.  They remembered the key to get the dog out (it’s a friend’s dog) but forgot our house key.  No phone either!  Luckily it was nice weather.  They were just wishing they could go inside and eat lunch.


Among other house projects, DH finally got around to installing the key pad deadbolts that have been sitting here for weeks.  No more getting locked out of the house!  Now we just have to remember the code.


I was running late for church.  Yes, even though we go at 11 a.m.  Everyone else was already there when I finally made it out the door at 10:59 carrying Little A and our two bags.  I shut the door.  It should automatically lock.  It didn’t.  I opened it and waited for a few seconds. I shut it again.  Yes!  It locked!  I made it to the front gate and realized I was still wearing my slippers.  I thought I was a little too comfortable there.  Back to the door, punch in the code, run through the house to find my shoes.  One day I’m not going to live half a block from the church and I’ll really need to be more on top of things on Sunday morning.

On the plus side, no one had to wait for me to open the front door when we came home from church.  C let everybody in and I said, “Oh good, you remembered the code.”

Then E said, “I have my own code.”

What?  You have your own code?  Apparently he was the only one who wanted his very own code.  So he’s the only one that got his very own code.

And that’s probably a good thing since the door code for everyone else is the same as the password for the computer which E doesn’t know, and we don’t want him to know.


Aside from door adventures this weekend, DH and I got out on a date with Utah Symphony tickets from Mom and Dad.  We heard Beethoven’s Piano Concerto #5, the Emperor, Copland’s Fanfare for the Common Man, and his Third Symphony.  Andre Watts was supposed to play the Beethoven, but he was sick with the flu.  At the beginning of the concert, someone came out to announce the change in soloist and said that on Friday night, they’d asked if there was a doctor in the house, and there were over 100!  It was Healthcare Night at the Symphony.  Of course Andre Watts was in New York City anyway, but it was funny.  Ironically, Conrad Tao, who filled in for him, also filled in the sick soloist on short notice two years ago, once again on Healthcare Night.  Even with only two days’ notice, he was electrifying.

The two Copland pieces were amazing as well.  They are both some of my favorite works and are so much more exciting live than on a recording!  I loved the energy of the symphony as well.  You could tell many of the musicians were having a lot of fun, and that always makes it more enjoyable to be in the audience.  So thanks, Mom and Dad, for the tickets.

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