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Note to self: We don’t have to do that again!

March 16, 2015

We used to go to and enjoy the St. Patrick’s Day parade when the boys were smaller, but for the last few years we’ve had conflicts.  It’s either a Relief Society birthday activity, or a Utah Symphony children’s concert.  The aforementioned activities (and more!) are all happening next weekend.  So yesterday was wide open, and as we needed to get out of the house, we ventured downtown.

E has been asking for weeks when we’re going to ride the train again.  So we rode the train from City Creek, along with hundreds of other green-clad people.  Gateway was crazy.  There were so many people.  Little A was grumpy.  She didn’t want to be held.  She didn’t want to sit in her stroller.  She didn’t want to stay with us.  She just wanted to get down and go.  And the St. Patrick’s Day parade really isn’t all that exciting.


The best part of the parade:


I seem to remember them throwing candy and bead necklaces other years, but all we got were some suckers and a couple gold chocolate coins someone handed to E.  Little A almost got a piece of chewed up gum off the cobblestone, but luckily I was able to deprive her of that.  We saw four bagpipe bands, all the mayoral candidates, and a lot of dogs in green tutus.  The Irish and Scottish dancers weren’t even that exciting since they weren’t wearing their dance shoes.  And the parade just kept coming.  I didn’t know Utah had so many Catholic schools.  With no end in sight, we finally decided to leave early, beat the crowds, and head for the TRAX station.

When the light turned for us to cross 3rd West, we started into the crosswalk when an SUV suddenly decided to turn right, utterly oblivious to the pedestrians.  E and D kept walking and I thought for sure I was going to lose my 5-year-old right then and there.  And it was like I was glued to the pavement and couldn’t move.  I could not get to him in time to pull him back.  After what felt like forever, the SUV stopped and E stopped and we were all safe.

Then since that car stopped, the car heading towards us decided that now would be a great time to finish her left turn into our same spot.  The lady walking next to me was yelling at all the drivers (“You idiots!”) and waving her arms.  It’s not like you couldn’t see the twenty or thirty people all trying to cross the road right then.  It was like the world all went mad at the same moment, and I’ve never been so happy to cross a road in my life!

Although Little A was still not happy as we wouldn’t let her get down and run around while waiting for nine minutes for the next train.


Tell us how you really feel!

We’ve all decided we never need to do that particular activity again.

Then since we were out, I decided why not treat them to lunch and go see the LEGO Americana Roadshow which is out at Fashion Place Mall through next week.  Lunch was good.  (Jason’s Deli)  Then we drove around for a very long time looking for a parking place at the mall, which should have warned me about the mobs of people inside.  Why?  Why do we do these things on a Saturday?

Reason #58749 to homeschool:  we can avoid crowds and go places during the week when everyone else is in school!

But we persevered and actually had a good time, and most importantly, didn’t lose anybody!  And the legos were pretty cool.  But there were so many people everywhere.  Even more so because of the Legos.  They were also handing out free Lego sets for building a mini-Supreme Court building, but the line was about 800 people long and even though D wanted to wait, there was no way the rest of us were going to.

We saw everything but the Liberty Bell.

The Old North Church:


Independence Hall:IMG_3345


The White House:




Statue of Liberty:IMG_3339

Detail on the Lincoln Memorial:


There was even Lincoln himself on the inside:


The Jefferson Memorial:


I’m still fascinated by how you make round domes out of square legos.  This one is even more impressive:



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  1. March 16, 2015 7:28 am

    Legos would have been great! My kids would have LOVED visiting that exhibit. They would have passed on the parade. My kids have never been good at just sitting and watching things go by. Especially with a baby in toe. That would make the whole experience a nightmare. I glad everyone made it home together and in one piece.

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