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Nine Mile Ranch and petroglyphs

July 9, 2015


A and C went to scout camp down near Nine Mile Canyon in Carbon County a few weeks ago.  I told A to take some pictures.  He did. . .

4 photos of C doing archery, one lizard, a few scenic shots, and a whole lot of petroglyphs.  Thank goodness the scout troop has a facebook page where we were able to see photos of the boys painting picnic tables, hiking, and having a good time, so we knew that A was actually there.




Maybe we need to work on photography skills this year.

These are better:




The petroglyphs were really cool.  They were in an area where the Fremont lived.  Here’s one of their dwellings:








They came home from camp a few hours early, just as I was herding the other three out of the house and into the car so DH could stay home and man an open house.  (No, our house hasn’t sold yet.) All A wanted to do was sleep, and all I wanted him to do was take a shower, so after getting some lunch, we went to visit Great-grandma J for a while so the boys could avail themselves of her bathroom.
A and C talked nonstop about all the things they did, and who said what, and how funny some of the leaders were, and how they scared everyone out of their wits with a pretend cougar attack, except A who slept through it all.  And I guess there was a tree that they would all gather under in the afternoons (we’ve had record-breaking heat here lately) and as the small amount of shade moved, all the scouts would move with it.
I was just glad they got to go.  C has had some great leaders in Cub Scouts, but we’ve had some ups and downs with Boy Scouts in our stake, and last year, A came home from church the Sunday before they were set to go to camp and told us that they weren’t going after all; they didn’t have enough leaders committed to going to be able to take the boys.  I was so mad at the late notice, but it seemed to bother me more than it did A.  This year has been much better.  They’ve got a good group of boys and some amazing leaders and they’ve been committed to making scouts a good experience for the boys.  A’s been looking forward to this camp for months.  The ranch they stayed at is owned by one of the leader’s grandparents and they provided a great experience for all of them.
We sure missed them though and are glad to have them home.
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  1. July 12, 2015 11:22 pm

    Looks like fun! Gotta love the “dwelling”. Can’t say that it looks like a place I’d prefer to sleep…

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