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Here we are . . . still!

July 13, 2015

Have I gone crazy yet?  Just about . . .

I’ve been reading all kinds of articles online on how to sell your house.  My favorite piece of advice was to quit thinking of it as your home, and start thinking of it as your property.  Which is all fine and good, except I have five children and we still have to live in our “property.”  I heard someone else say she thought nothing could be worse than all the cleaning/packing/repair work/house-selling prepwork, until she hit the endless waiting (with children!) in the Cleanest House in the World stage.  I can commiserate.  And our house, excuse me, our property, is nowhere near the cleanest house in the world.  We try; we really do. But it’s impossible to keep it that way. I wish I could say that we are pros at having it ready to show at a moment’s notice, but we’re not.  Every time we clean it (again!) for a showing, I just hope that it will be for the last time.  But here we are, three months on the market and counting, and still, we have to keep it looking its best.  I’m so over it all.

I finally let go of school work for the year.  We didn’t come close to meeting all of our goals for the year, but something had to give, so at least for the past month I haven’t had to do that too, except math and music.  The boys were hoping we’d have the house sold by now so they could enjoy a summer for a change without any talk of cleaning or packing or moving.  My biggest hope was to get settled so I could take the summer and plan out the coming year of school without a move looming over me and taking up so much space in my head.  That’s no longer a possibility, so now I’m just holding out for moving before school starts again, mainly because A starts seminary and I’d really like to know where he’ll be going. So when not washing fingerprints off the living room window for the 27th time, I’ve been planning like crazy and trying to get things ordered for next year, even though it seems a little ridiculous to get packages in the mail every day when all the rest of my homeschool stuff is in our storage unit and everything about our lives is kind of in limbo right now.  The boys are also tired of having all of their fun and creative things in storage, as they remind me frequently.  Their legos are still here, but even those are losing their appeal and most days devolve into frequent pleas for minecraft or movies. We’ve actually managed to not binge on electronics too much, although on the fourth of July, we did indulge ourselves.  We finally dumped out the world map puzzle we got for Christmas that we never opened because we were, of course, trying to pack in preparation for selling the house.  While we worked on the puzzle, we watched Gettysburg and National Treasure, the boys watched How to Train Your Dragon 2, and DH and I watched 42 together after he came home from work.  We’ve also been catching up on the final few seasons of Foyle’s War, a detective series set in and after WWII that we’ve really enjoyed. The puzzle was fun.  It was 1000 pieces of a world map with landmark buildings.  The geography was seriously distorted, but it was fun to figure out where all the individual pieces went and identify places we’ve studied.  We even found something recognizable: 02-IMG_3662 The Manila Philippines LDS temple! 2-IMG_3661-001 These photos really don’t show all the fun details. 1-IMG_3665-001 We’ve gotten out and about a little bit more lately as well since we realized it’s easier to keep the house clean if E and Little A are not in the house.  We’ve got a hiking club going, we met some blogging friends, and A went to youth conference.  Pictures to come . . .

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